Remote Management

Remote IT management done well can dramatically increase the productivity of your organization.

Over time, all of our customers see a drop in their need for service because of our proactive approach to finding and fixing issues and potential issues before they can become work-limiting events.

Apex Technology Services remote IT Management focuses on the following among other areas to keep your operation running smoothly:

Remote Management

System monitoring

We actively monitor servers, PCs and other devices, looking for issues such as attacks, viruses, low hard disk space, CPU issues, failed login attempts and excessive network traffic.


We ensure backups are done correctly and act on any issues such as errors.

Software Patches

We actively ensure patches are applied according to industry best practices and any internal rules your organization may specify.


We ensure your systems have appropriate software running in real-time so they are as secure as possible and working properly.

We offer 24x7x365 support and can have boots on the ground to your location as needed to help fix problems which need a human touch.

The Apex difference is in our experience.

We are a top quality managed service provider (MSP) and a solid MSSP – the extra S stands for security. We also write commercial software such as our PHISH360 phishing training solution when we feel there is no solution on the market to adequately assist our customers.

Remote IT management is only as strong as the experience behind the team supporting the environment.

Time is money. When an outage occurs, you want the best team possible working to get your computers back online.

Apex Technology Services is unique in our skillset of having the knowledge and expertise from deep networking and virtualization to cybersecurity. From Linux to Windows, Mac and IoT.

We have earned the trust of the Fortune 200 and bring this exact level of quality to every customer we serve – including the local doctor, dentist or law firm.

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