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» Government Shutdown May Increase Spear Phishing Attacks

Government Shutdown May Increase Spear Phishing Attacks - 02/14/2019

» Bangladesh Wants its Stolen $81M Back from North Korea

Bangladesh Wants its Stolen $81M Back from North Korea - 02/08/2019

» Top 6 Reasons to Quickly Migrate from Windows 7 and Server 2008

Top 6 Reasons to Quickly Migrate from Windows 7 and Server 2008 - 02/08/2019

» Millions in GDPR Fines and Investigations are Just the Beginning

Millions in GDPR Fines and Investigations are Just the Beginning - 02/06/2019

» Keep Your Business Running in the Next Polar Vortex

Keep Your Business Running in the Next Polar Vortex - 02/02/2019

» Corporate IoT Breaches Are Invisible to Half!

Corporate IoT Breaches Are Invisible to Half! - 01/23/2019

» Cyberattack! E-Mails Down at 4,100 Employee Nyrstar

Cyberattack! E-Mails Down at 4,100 Employee Nyrstar - 01/23/2019

» Insider Threats are Very Real. Just Ask the Baltimore Mayor

Insider Threats are Very Real. Just Ask the Baltimore Mayor - 01/22/2019

» UK Hit With 10 Million Cyberattacks Per Month!

UK Hit With 10 Million Cyberattacks Per Month! - 01/21/2019

» Cyber World War 3: The Business Disruption You Didn't see Coming

Cyber World War 3: The Business Disruption You Didn't see Coming - 01/17/2019

» 31% to Spend more on Business Continuity in 2019

31% to Spend more on Business Continuity in 2019 - 01/17/2019

» 21M Passwords Leaked in Collection 1 to Wreak Corporate Cybersecurity Havoc

21M Passwords Leaked in Collection 1 to Wreak Corporate Cybersecurity Havoc - 01/17/2019

» 6 Business Continuity Threats in 2019

6 Business Continuity Threats in 2019 - 01/16/2019

» The East Coast Just Had an Earthquake. Your Business Ready for a Bigger One?

The East Coast Just Had an Earthquake. Is Your Business Ready for a Bigger One? - 01/16/2019

» Shutdown Increases Cybersecurity Risk, Consultants can Help

Shutdown Increases Cybersecurity Risk, Consultants can Help - 01/14/2019

» Zurich, Modelez NotPetya Lawsuit May Increase Business Cyber Risk

Zurich, Modelez NotPetya Lawsuit May Increase Business Cyber Risk - 01/11/2019

» Employers Watch Out, Recruitment May Die. Amazon is Coming to Town…

Employers Watch Out, Recruitment May Die. Amazon is Coming to Town - 01/07/2019

» New Scam Hits Small Business in Connecticut

New Scam Hits Small Business in Connecticut - 01/04/2019

» Your Company Faces Record Cyber Risk in 2019

It's a sad fact that many companies aren't doing enough to prevent hackers from gaining access to their systems and things are about to get even worse. - 12/14/2018

» Fairfield, Greenwich, Westport, Most Business-Friendly Connecticut Cities

The Yankee Institute of Public Policy (PDF) recently released their list of the 10 most business-friendly towns in Connecticut, a state which has some incredible advantages as a location to base a new company. - 11/26/2018

» The Latest Apex Cybersecurity Webinar

With all that's going on in the world of cybercrime, we've received many questions about best practices and as a result we recently held a webinar on corporate cybersecurity. - 10/08/2018

» Apex Tapped as Cybersecurity Expert in TV News Story About Police Ransomware

Apex Tapped as Cybersecurity Expert in TV News Story About Police Ransomware - 07/12/2018

» Comcast Xfinity Just Had a Major Outage; How to Prepare for The Next One

Comcast Xfinity Just Had a Major Outage - 06/29/2018

» Look at Cybersecurity as an Investment in Profit, not an Expense

Look at Cybersecurity as an Investment in Profit, not an Expense - 06/21/2018

» Legal Costs May Soon be the Biggest Cybersecurity Breach Expense

Legal Costs May Soon be the Biggest Cybersecurity Breach Expense - 06/10/2018

» Connecticut Cybersecurity Plan: Is Your Business Ready?

Connecticut Cybersecurity Plan: Is Your Business Ready? - 06/04/2018

» System Maintenance Errors: A Far Too Common Cybersecurity Hole

System Maintenance Errors: A Far Too Common Cybersecurity Hole - 05/31/2018

» FBI, DHS Warn US Business about North Korean Hacking

FBI, DHS Warn US Business about North Korean Hacking - 05/29/2018

» NASA Cybersecurity Nightmare: What Every Business Can Learn

NASA Cybersecurity Nightmare: What Every Business Can Learn - 05/24/2018

» Business: Ignore Internal Cybersecurity at Your Peril

Business: Ignore Internal Cybersecurity at Your Peril - 05/18/2018

» NY and CT Business Could be Hurt as White House Eliminates Cybersecurity Role

NY and CT Business Could be Hurt as White House Eliminates Cybersecurity Role - 05/17/2018

» How Can IoT Can Help Your Company

How Can IoT Can Help Your Company - 05/15/2018

» Government Issues Another Crucial Ransomware Warning

The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center or NCCIC has observed an increase in ransomware attacks across the world. The FBI issued a virtually identical warning last May. - 04/09/2018

» Ransomware Brings Unprepared Atlanta to its Knees

Atlanta Held Hostage; Unprepared City Brought to Knees - 03/27/2018

» New York Cybersecurity Rules Go Into Effect Next Week

Last year we covered Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies (FFIEC): What You Need to Know, a detailed cybersecurity strategy directive from New York State. Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo also announced that DFS wi… - 02/22/2018

» Cybersecurity: A Top Theme at ITEXPO 2018

If there was one thing that just about everyone was talking about at ITEXPO in Ft. Lauderdale last week, it was cybersecurity. This topic came up repeatedly throughout the week in different spaces, from SD-WAN to Blockchain to the conference keynotes… - 02/21/2018

» Hackers Are Now Intercepting Ransomware Payments

For years, we have been cautioning our readers against making ransomware payments after an infection. The top reasons are that you don't know what kind of criminal organization you are supporting in the process, and there is no guarantee that it will… - 01/31/2018

» 5 Questions to Ask Your IT Team

Executives often tell me that one of the hardest things about running a company these days is staying informed about the rapidly-changing technology landscape. As businesses continue to digitize, executives across all industries are being asked to re… - 01/25/2018

» Hospital Pays $55,000 to Hackers After Ransomware Infection

Stop and think about what a hospital could do with $55,000 of disposable income. This money could be given to families who cannot afford medical treatment. It could be used to buy new medical equipment, improve waiting room services for patients, or … - 01/17/2018

» New York's Cybersecurity Skills Shortage to be Helped by NYU

New York may be the world's largest target for crooks, cybertheives, hackers, nation-states looking to damage the U.S. and script-kiddies leveraging off-the-shelf hacking tools. Sure, Mayor Giuliani may have cleaned our city up and subsequent mayors … - 01/11/2018

» Four More Data Breaches to Know

Just last week, we announced that cybercrime will get worse this year. Now, less than a week into 2018, it's safe to say our prediction is coming true. - 01/04/2018

» Are Your Own Employees Putting Your Data at Risk?

Every employee in your company has an important role to play in preventing a data breach. Unfortunately, some employees may not be taking cybersecurity as seriously as they should. - 01/02/2018

» Cybercrime Will Get Worse in 2018

We are reaching a tipping point in the global cybercrime epidemic. - 12/29/2017

» Two More Data Breaches Announced

If you thought we would make it through 2017 without any more data breach announcements, you were mistaken. - 12/27/2017

» How Much Do You Value Your Business's Critical Data?

With so much attention surrounding cybersecurity today, you would think that most global business leaders would be on the same page about protecting their data. Most businesses, after all, would be unable to recover after suffering from a large-scale… - 12/22/2017

» You Won't Believe How Many Healthcare Providers Reported Cyberattacks

The healthcare industry will remain a magnet for cybercrime in 2018. Things are bad and getting worse by the day for providers. - 12/12/2017

» Is Your Business Aligned with Connecticut's Cybersecurity Strategy?

This past summer, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy made headlines when he announced the release of the Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy. - 12/07/2017

» Think Twice Before Trying to Bury a Data Breach

Uber is now facing significant public outcry after news recently broke that the company allegedly covered up a data breach of 57 million people for more than a year. - 12/01/2017

» Cybercrime is Getting Worse by the Day. Is Your Business Prepared?

I recently spoke with the owner of a large business who wanted to know about the forecast for cybercrime in 2018. Will next year be any different, or will it be another long stretch of cyberattacks and data breaches? - 11/29/2017

» 40% of Government and Military Figures Targeted by Fancy Bear Russian Cyberattack Clicked Links

In what has to be a wake-up call for corporate America, a recent AP story on Russian hackers targeting U.S. military and government officials showed 131 people out of 312 clicked Russian Fancy Bear links sent to them or about two in five. - 11/27/2017

» Three Cybersecurity Tips for Thanksgiving Weekend

You and your coworkers may be getting ready to clear out for the holiday weekend, but before you do it's important to perform a cybersecurity gut check. - 11/22/2017

» NYC Announces New Program to Address Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

The New York City Economic Development Corp. (NYEDC) has launched a new program to address the city's urgent cybersecurity skills shortage. - 11/20/2017

» The FBI Needs to Inform U.S. Corporations They've Been Breached

The Wall Street Journal reports that the US government has known about the threat from Kaspersky Lab since 2003. For some reason, this information was kept from American corporations and citizens. Had they said something, it is possible the user base… - 11/18/2017

» Cloud Servers Leak Data from Verizon, Viacom and Now The Pentagon

There is a perception among many in the business and tech community that the cloud is somehow inherently secure. More so than local servers. The reality is cloud-based servers are attacked as often as any other server and large cloud vendors are big … - 11/18/2017

» Ransomware: A Growing Concern for Schools

Businesses and consumers aren't the only ones being targeted by ransomware, a highly dangerous form of malware that hijacks personal files for ransom. Now, cybercriminals are stooping even lower by targeting an unlikely demographic: high school stude… - 11/16/2017

» New York Business Owners Struggle to Fill Cybersecurity Positions

By now, most business leaders in New York have gotten the message loud and clear about the need for strong cybersecurity. - 11/13/2017

» Overcoming the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Overcoming the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage - 11/10/2017

» What Are The Odds of a Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware is a relatively new threat, and many business owners still aren't sure what to make of it. In fact, two thirds of U.S. office workers don't even know what ransomware is. - 11/06/2017

» Breaking Down the Total Cost of a Data Breach

Getting hit with a data breach is a bit like getting into a car accident. It's common to think it will never happen to you, until it does and you are left to deal with the consequences - and, of course, the financial repercussions. - 10/30/2017

» 3 Major Reasons to Fear Cybercrime

Target. Home Depot. JPMorgan Chase. Verizon. Yahoo. Arby's. Dun & Bradstreet. America's JobLink. Deloitte. Equifax… - 10/30/2017

» NotPetya: World's First $10 Billion Malware

Just 9 Companies Lost $1.8 Billion! It's worth noting NotPetya may be one of the most destructive pieces of malware ever and we previously broke the news that it could exceed the $4 billion of damage caused by WannaCry! We now comfortably predict … - 10/28/2017

» Media Demands Death Penalty After Equifax Hack

In 2018, we predicted the cost of each stolen record may skyrocket to $250 while the total organizational cost of a data breach could get as high as $8 million.Companies may recover from financial and reputational damage if they have the deep pockets… - 10/25/2017

» Two-Factor Authentication: A Critical Cybersecurity Strategy You Cannot Ignore

If there is one thing we cannot stress enough here at Apex Technology Services, it's the importance of making sure all of your end users' accounts are protected with strong passwords and, if possible, two-factor authentication. - 10/24/2017

» Amazon Whole Foods Cyber Breach: What Acquirers Must Learn

Whole Foods Market has resolved the cybersecurity incident announced on September 28, 2017, involving unauthorized access of payment card information used at certain venues such as tap rooms and full table-service restaurants located within some stor… - 10/21/2017

» Are Cybercriminals 'Cryptojacking' Your Internet Browser?

The Internet is, arguably, your business's most important resource. You use the Internet for everything, from sending email to communicating with customers to paying your employees. - 10/20/2017

» US-CERT Sends Incorrect Link to Secure IoT Devices

This morning the US-CERT or United States Computer Emergency Readiness team sent an email as part of Cybersecurity awareness month. The email focuses on Online cybersecurity advice such as protecting your digital home, tips on the IoT and mobile secu… - 10/17/2017

» New York City Companies at Greatest Risk from KRACK WiFi Security Breach

In New York City, where cybercrime is rampant, securing your WiFi is every bit as important as locking your front door. It's a fundamental cybersecurity requirement - which makes the recent discovery of the KRACK WiFi vulnerability all the more terri… - 10/16/2017

» Ransomware In-Part Fuels North Korea's $1B Illicit Online Income

One former British Intelligence chief estimates that North Korean cyberheists may bring North Korea as much as $1 billion per year or one-third the value of the country's exports. Moreover, with increased sanctions pressure from the U.S. and the U.N.… - 10/16/2017

» Ransomware Worth $6B! Grows at 2,500%. New York is the Biggest Target

In 2016, Apex Technology Services was the first company to put the aggregate damage of the Ransomware market at $1 billion, a number backed up by the FBI at a later date. Now, the industry is worth at least $6 billion and it is growing at over 2,500%… - 10/15/2017

» Hackers Are Now Targeting Breached Organizations

It was a busy week in the cybersecurity space, with several major headlines about data breaches. - 10/13/2017

» Vulnerability Management: The Driving Force of a Strong Cybersecurity Culture

I want you to try this experiment: Google "Equifax" and observe what you see in the news feed... - 10/10/2017

» Layer Defenses to Protect Your Network, Warns FBI Section Chief

Hackers are now relying on phishing more than ever to steal sensitive corporate data. In fact, there have been 8.5 times more phishing scams in 2017 than malware attacks. - 10/10/2017

» Do Yesterday's NFL Scores Have You Down? These Cybersecurity Stats Will Make You Feel Worse

Cybercrime is now one of the most formidable threats facing businesses today, yet few organizations are adequately prepared to combat this growing problem. - 10/09/2017

» Should Kaspersky Users Report They've Been Breached?

We reached out to the F.B.I. numerous times to ask them if users of Kaspersky Lab software should report they were breached. The Bureau had been advising companies not to use the software and reports surfaced that the software may have been used to h… - 10/08/2017

» Take Action During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Most organizations today are completely dependent on the Internet to function. And moving forward, this dependency will continue to develop as more connected products make their way into the enterprise. - 10/06/2017

» Use Team Training to Build a Strong Cybersecurity Culture

At the end of the day, you can apply all of the latest security patches to your endpoints, and invest in cutting-edge threat monitoring services, but without a robust employee cybersecurity training program it won't matter much. All it takes is one e… - 10/06/2017

» What Every CEO Should Learn from Equifax

"One Person Took us Down" - 10/03/2017

» NFLPA Database Leak: 1,200 NFL Players Affected

Recently, researchers from the Kromtech Security Center have identified a publically accessible database that contained the private information of NFL players and their agents. - 10/03/2017

» Alert: Critical Vulnerabilities Found Lurking in Dnsmasq

Apex Technology Services is now warning clients about a critical system vulnerability that was recently discovered in a commonly-used software package. - 10/03/2017

» CEOs Should Learn From Equifax or Also End up In Front of Congress

Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith says he is "deeply sorry" for the security breach in which sensitive personal information of as many as 143 million Americans was compromised. The key parts of this sentence are the word "former" and number "143,000,0… - 10/02/2017

» What Will the Average Cost of a Data Breach be in 2018?

By now it's no secret that data breaches are increasing in both volume and intensity each year. What's especially troubling, though, is that the average cost of a data breach is increasing annually as well. - 09/28/2017

» We asked the F.B.I., Were 400 Million Users Hacked by Kaspersky?

We've reported before that the F.B.I. has warned companies not to use Kaspersky Lab software. The concerns surrounding Kaspersky, whose software is sold throughout the United States, are longstanding. The F.B.I., aided by American spies, has for year… - 09/26/2017

» Six Cybersecurity Stats That Will Shock You

These days, it seems like you can't open up the news without hearing about a developing cybersecurity incident of some sort - from data breaches at companies like Deloitte and Equifax to ransomware outbreaks, phishing scams and everything in between. - 09/26/2017

» Breaking: Deloitte Announces Data Breach

Another day, another data breach…A major cyberattack has been reported at Deloitte, one of the world's "big four" accounting firms. - 09/25/2017

» 1H17 Was a Cybersecurity Disaster

From a cybersecurity perspective, the first half of 2017 was a giant mess as we witnessed many major security incidents. A few examples on the long list of affected companies included... - 09/21/2017

» Alert: VMware Releases Critical Security Updates

Attention, VMware users: New updates are now available to address critical security vulnerabilities in the following products: Fusion, Workstation Pro, ESXi and vCenter Server. - 09/15/2017

» Alert: Watch Out for Equifax-related Phishing Scams

By now you are most likely aware of the recent cybersecurity incident at Equifax, where hackers obtained the personal information of about 143 million customers. - 09/14/2017

» Cybersecurity Unemployment Falls to Zero Percent

For years, experts have been warning business leaders about the growing cybersecurity skills gap in the U.S. According to a new study, the gap is continuing to grow. - 09/13/2017

» IRS Issues New Email Ransomware Warning

Earlier today, we ran an advisory explaining how scammers are now sending malicious emails pretending to be with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It's since come to our attention that there is another major email scam making its way around the Inter… - 09/11/2017

» Warn Your Workers: Do Not Click on This BBB E-Mail

Many of us are familiar with the IRS scam where malicious emails or callers try to get either payment or password information from unsuspecting users. A relatively newer tactic used by scammers is to pretend they are with the Better Business Bureau o… - 09/11/2017

» What Every Business Can Learn From the Presidential Executive Order on Cybersecurity

President Trump recently passed an important executive order called the Presidential Executive Order on the Establishment of the American Technology Council. The primary purpose of this document was to improve state of our national cybersecurity - a … - 09/08/2017

» Equifax Security Breach Cost it $2.2 Billion and Counting

It should come as no surprise Equifax is a major target for hackers and as it turns out it has suffered two breaches over a short period of time. This latest breach may be the one that does them in. So far it has cost them more than 2.2 billion dolla… - 09/08/2017

» Breaking: Credit Firm Equifax Reports Large Cybersecurity Incident

As many as 143 million U.S. customers could be affected. - 09/07/2017

» Free Lunch for NYC Public Schools but Not for your Company's Cybersecurity

By offering free lunch to all 1.1 million students, New York joins other major cities including Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Dallas, according to Liz Accles, the executive director of Community Food Advocates, which had organized a campaign in suppor… - 09/07/2017

» Possible Rule Change Could Impact How EU Banks Buy Software

The European Commission is reportedly mulling over an important change that would free up a significant amount of capital for IT investment - to the tune of more than €20 billion (or about $26 billion USD). - 09/06/2017

» Study: 77 Percent of Educational Institutions Face IT Risks

If there is one thing that we have learned over the last few years regarding cybersecurity, it's that every organization - regardless of industry - is at risk from cyberthreats. No institution is safe. - 09/05/2017

» Alert: Over 711 Million E-mail Addresses Stolen

A malware researcher recently uncovered a spamming operation that led to a massive data breach of more than 711 million email addresses. Paris-based security expert Benkow found an open and accessible web server that was hosted on a spambot in the… - 09/04/2017

» Do Not Click E-mails Titled 'please print', 'documents' or 'scans'

Although a week old, researchers have found over 23 million messages containing Locky were sent in just 24 hours, with the attacks spiking in time to hit US workers as they arrived at their desks last Monday morning. The new campaign was discovered b… - 09/04/2017

» Data Breach at TigerSwan and TalentPen Exposed Thousand of Secret Government Applicants

There are two types of companies. Those that have a Cybersecure Culture and those that do not. In this day and age where every company is a perpetual target, there are some mistakes which make it all too easy for hackers to gain access to important i… - 09/03/2017

» Cybersecurity Training May Have Prevented This Costly Blunder

Stop and think about how far $8 million could go for a university. That money could be used to pay for important building upgrades. Scholarships. Student organizations. The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, one Canadian university lost this sum whe… - 08/31/2017

» Another Reason To Hire an MSP

In a recent article, we showed you three major reasons a managed services provider (MSP) can help your IT department. MSPs can help streamline software and hardware patching, license management and mobile access - saving you time, reducing manpower a… - 08/30/2017

» 3 Important IoT Security Updates to Know

Over the last several years, there has been much speculation about the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), or the connected device movement. - 08/28/2017

» All Eyes Are On the SD-WAN Market

If there is one technology that every business leader should be aware of right now, it's software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN). - 08/25/2017

» OPM Hacker Arrested: Biggest Hack Arrest of all Time?

In the history of hacking there have been many types of cyberattacks across just about every industry, from the financial sector to the government space. There have been so many attacks, it's hard to put a finger on the most devastating incident. - 08/25/2017

» 3 Ways an MSP Can Help Your IT Department

We've all seen the highway road signs warning drivers not to "go it alone" on long journeys. Driving, in other words, is a lot easier when there is another set of eyes sitting next to you watching out for hazards, navigating and fiddling with the rad… - 08/21/2017

» The FBI Warns Companies Not to use Software

A new report claims the FBI has been meeting with companies to warn them of the threat posed by the cybersecurity firm. In view of the cyberattacks that crippled Ukraine's power grid in 2016, the FBI has reportedly focused its briefings on companies … - 08/21/2017

» ISIS Hacks New York Town, is Your Company at Risk?

This summer, while most of us were on vacation and enjoying barbeques, ISIS supporters were busy attacking websites and wreaking havoc on the web. - 08/20/2017

» Feds Shut Down Two Major 'Dark Net' Cybercrime Hubs

Last week federal agents seized AlphaBay and Hansa - two major "dark net" marketplaces where cybercriminals can buy and sell malware (in addition to just about every other illegal product you can think of). - 07/27/2017

» 8 Crucial Tips to Fight Off The New Wave of Cyberthreats to Your Company

Last week, news broke that several Fortune 2000 Enterprise Office 365 accounts were hit with a persistent and powerful wave of brute force cyberattacks. - 07/25/2017

» 8 Crucial Tips to Fight Off The New Wave of New Cyberthreats to Your Company

Earlier this week, news broke that several Fortune 2000 Enterprise Office 365 accounts were hit with a persistent and powerful wave of brute force cyberattacks. - 07/25/2017

» Red Alert: Hackers Are Using Brute Force to Attack Microsoft Office 365 Users

Last week, news broke that several Fortune 2000 Enterprise Office 365 accounts were hit with a persistent and powerful wave of brute force cyberattacks. - 07/24/2017

» New Mobile Ransomware is Targeting Healthcare Organizations

Over the last few months, ransomware names like WannaCry, Petya and NotPetya have been dominating the cybersecurity headlines. - 07/17/2017

» Study: Is Your Business Ready For Hurricane Season?

According to a new study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there have already been nine extreme weather events in 2017 - each generating over $1 billion in losses. In comparison, the annual average between 1980 and 2016 was on… - 07/10/2017

» New Details Emerge in 'NotPetya' Ransomware Pandemic

Security experts are still piecing together clues from the massive global cyber pandemic that occurred on June 27. - 07/06/2017

» Is Outlook Blocking Your Email Attachments? Try This

Ever since Microsoft released its most recent round of security updates back in June, reports have been streaming in from users about various issues related to performance and stability. - 07/05/2017

» In Case You Missed It: Tuesday's Ransomware Attack

Global organizations in both the private and public sectors came to a standstill earlier this week following a new series of cyberattacks involving ransomware. - 06/28/2017

» Anthem Agrees to Largest Data Breach Settlement in History

A settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit against Anthem Inc. for a 2015 data breach that impacted about 80 million Americans. In the breach, hackers stole customers' Social Security numbers, addresses, birthdays, income data and empl… - 06/26/2017

» Think Your Mac is Safe from Malware? It's Not

Many business leaders are still under the impression that Macs are safer to use than Windows computers, because they are less prone to viruses. - 06/23/2017

» WSU Data Breach Is a Reminder About Physical Network Security

There is a story about a man who couldn't keep his unrelenting neighbor out of his house. He built a fence, bolted the windows and even barricaded the chimney. Finally, thinking his house was secure, he sat down to relax with a glass of lemonade - ju… - 06/19/2017

» Wake Up to Cybercrime - It Could Save Your Business!

We are still encountering many administrators at the SMB level who are in denial about the threat of cybercrime. Some business leaders, it seems, would rather wait and experience a cyberattack instead of taking preventative action. - 06/15/2017

» SEC: Cybercrime is 'Greatest Threat to Our Markets'

Last week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) named Steven Peikin and Stephanie Avakian as its new co-directors of enforcement. - 06/12/2017

» Four Security Threats to Keep On Your Radar

We are about to enter one of the most dangerous times of the year for cybercrime. - 06/05/2017

» Study Shows How Other Companies Approach Cybersecurity

We understand what you're going through in trying to keep hackers out of your network. Some days, it feels like it's your small company against the entire world. Cybersecurity is a never-ending, and exhausting, job. - 06/01/2017

» Top 3 Ransomware Myths Debunked

The global ransomware epidemic remains in full swing, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. In fact, things could get a lot messier before we see any improvement. - 05/31/2017

» CEOs: 5 Ways You Are Compromising Your Business's Cybersecurity

As the CEO of your company, you are probably already well aware of the ransomware epidemic and the threat that it poses to your organization - especially following the recent WannaCry infection that has spread to at least 150 countries. - 05/23/2017

» It's Open Season on Financial Service Providers

A significant uptick in cybercrime has been reported in the financial services industry. Traditional financial service providers and fintech companies must be on full alert. - 05/22/2017

» Your Midweek Cybersecurity Briefing

We get it: It's not easy trying to run a business and keep up with breaking cybersecurity headlines. But if one thing is true, it's that education and awareness are critical for preventing attacks. This is not an area where you want to get caught sle… - 05/17/2017

» Can't Afford to Hire Cybersecurity Staff? Do This Instead

This week, Staples made headlines when the company hired its first-ever chief information security officer (CISO). - 05/12/2017

» Another Day, Another Data Breach in New York City

It's easy to lose sight of the human factor in a data breach, when information like customer names and addresses are stolen. But when it happens to a healthcare provider, it can be a much different story. - 05/11/2017

» One Third of SMBs Lack Cybersecurity Training

Let's be clear: Small-to-medium size organizations (SMBs) are every bit at risk from cybercrime as large organizations. In fact, the risk is almost greater at this level because SMBs lack the resources to bounce back from a devastating attack. - 05/05/2017

» Talk to Your Entry Level Hires About Cybersecurity. It Could Save Your Business

May is here, which means a fresh wave of college graduates and interns are about to hit the job market. And chances are likely that your company is already making room for a few new staff members. - 05/02/2017

» 3 Things Your Cybersecurity Team Needs (But Won't Ask For)

As a C-level executive, you probably don't spend much time worrying about cybersecurity as this responsibility is handled by your IT department. Cybersecurity operations tend to run silently in the background and you only hear about them when service… - 05/01/2017

» 4 Cybersecurity Stats You Cannot Ignore

Dell Security has released a new study about enterprise security, and the results are downright terrifying. - 04/27/2017

» 3 Ransomware Updates To Be Aware Of

Of all the cyberthreats facing your business today, few are as dangerous as ransomware - a nasty form of malware that can lock your hardware and software and hold it for ransom. - 04/25/2017

» Is Your Business Using AWS? You Could Be at Risk

If I've said it once, I'll say it again: The cloud is not a cure-all for cybersecurity. You can't simply outsource your servers to the cloud and expect all of your problems to go away. - 04/21/2017

» Survey Says: Expect High Turnover in IT This Year

You love your in-house IT workers, some of which have been with your company for several years. If you had it your way, they would never leave. - 04/18/2017

» Some Good and Bad News About Cybercrime

SonicWall has released its 2017 Annual Threat Report, and it contains both good and bad news for businesses. - 04/11/2017

» 2 Backdoor Network Entries You Need to Close ASAP

Protecting your network from cybercriminals is a never-ending job. Just when you patch one vulnerability, three or four more are bound to pop up. - 04/07/2017

» The U.K. is Getting Serious About Fighting Cybercrime

The U.K. government has proposed a series of new incentives and data regulations for businesses following a thorough review of the nation's cybersecurity. - 04/05/2017

» Hacking: A Problem You Can No Longer Ignore

For the past few years, cybersecurity experts have been ringing the alarm bells about the threat of hacking, and the need for data protection. Now, concern has trickled down to the general public and insurance companies are taking notice. - 04/03/2017

» 4 Places You May Find Ransomware Hiding

Remember the days when you really had to try to get a computer virus? Well, those days are gone. We're living in a different world now, where malware can be hiding just about anywhere on the Internet. - 03/31/2017

» Study Shows Most Android Users Running Outdated Security Patches

For some time now, your business has allowed users to bring their own devices into the workplace. Your employees are now using smartphones, tablets and phablets to access important files on a daily basis. And since these devices are employee-owned, w… - 03/28/2017

» NYC Businesses: Gangs Are Now Using Cybercrime

Technology is transforming just about every aspect of New York City - including the way that criminals operate. - 03/28/2017

» Are Your Employees Clueless About Cybersecurity? This Study Will Shock You

Your company is like a small fort trying to fend off a zombie apocalypse. Except in this case, you're fighting cybercriminals - endless amounts of them - who are equipped with sophisticated cyberespionage tools. These criminals have your business sur… - 03/27/2017

» Font Spoofing Exploit Puts Businesses at Risk

Cybersecurity researchers are now tracking a dangerous online spoofing technique that hackers are using to spread malicious links. The scheme, which is called an internationalized domain name (IDN) homograph attack, can be more aptly referred to … - 03/24/2017

» Developing: At Least 10 States Impacted By DOL Data Breach

Here we go again… A data breach of epic proportion has been reported at America's Job Link Alliance (ALJA), a third party service offered through the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) for coordinating workforce development and federal unemployment pr… - 03/23/2017

» URGENT: New Malware Can Weaponize Windows Antivirus Software

Is your business using third party antivirus software to protect its Windows machines? If so, your software may be vulnerable to a cyberattack. - 03/22/2017

» New York Cybercrime: A Problem That's Bad and Getting Worse

New Yorkers are a pretty tough bunch. The weather is unpredictable. Traffic jams happen around the clock. And as for affordable rent, you can fuggedaboutit! But now, there's another rising challenge impacting both consumers and businesses in New … - 03/21/2017

» 5 Mobile Security Facts That Will Keep You Up At Night

Here's some bad news: Right now, there is a small army of mobilized cyberthreats walking around your company and using your network. - 03/20/2017

» Winter Storm Stella Produced a Massive Uptick in Malware Infections

It was a long week here in the Northeast, as Winter Storm Stella brought several feet of snow and howling winds. The storm apparently brought something else, too, that cannot be seen: A spike in malware infections. - 03/17/2017

» You Won't Believe How Many Organizations Have Experienced Large Cyberattacks

You Won't Believe How Many Organizations Have Experienced Large Cyberattacks - 03/14/2017

» The Worst Excuses for Avoiding Data Backups

The reasons to back up your business's data are numerous. For instance, your data could be stolen by hackers and held for ransom. It could be destroyed in a natural disaster like a fire or floor. Or, your network could simply crash, leaving you witho… - 03/13/2017

» 10 Reasons to Fortify Your Network Right Now

Think about this: You insure your data center so that if a fire or flood ever breaks out, you will be covered financially. You have extra servers on hand, so that if your company has an unexpected spike in business you will have enough storage capaci… - 03/09/2017

» Can Executives Be Punished for Data Breaches? You Bet

Over the last several years, we have seen a noticeable shift in how organizations view cybercrime. What started as a backend IT issue, cybercrime is now very much an issue for C-level executives. - 03/06/2017

» Pennsylvania Senate Democrats Refuse to Give Into Ransomware Attack

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats Refuse to Give Into Ransomware Attack - 03/06/2017

» 3 Reasons Why U.S. Political Leaders Are Panicking About Cybercrime

This afternoon, the National Governors Association (NGA) will wrap up its four-day winter meeting in Washington, D.C. - 02/27/2017

» 3 Ways to Protect Your Data While Traveling

Spring is around the corner, and that means you're probably busy making travel plans for conferences, vacations, college visits for your kids and more. You may as well just sell your house and go live in the airport for the next several months! - 02/24/2017

» Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies (FFIEC): What You Need to Know

New York State's new Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies take effect on March 1, 2017 and the requirements are not for the faint of heart. They detail what organizations must do to stay as protected as possible. Before we get … - 02/23/2017

» 5 Areas Where WiFi is Vulnerable

One of the easiest way to break into a company is certainly WiFi. My good friend George Ou broke the news of TJ Maxx being hacked due to unsecured WiFi some years back and since that time, hackers have only gotten more aggressive. The company lost 45… - 02/23/2017

» 73% Are Worried about Cybercrime or a Victim

LinuxInsider ran a survery on its site which shows how concerned people are about the threat of cyberscurity. A full 73% are worried or have been hit by hackers. Even worse and unfortunately somewhat accurate, under 8% of respondants think the tech m… - 02/23/2017

» 5 Habits That Could Cause a Data Breach at Your Company

These days, it can seem like a constant battle trying to keep the "bad guys" out of your network. From malicious insiders to anonymous third party hackers, there is no shortage of intruders to watch out for online... - 02/22/2017

» 10 Reasons Your Company Will Get Hit with a Cyberattack

Back when the Internet was still in its infancy and there was less malware in circulation, we all approached cybersecurity in a much different way. For the most part, it was possible to stay safe online with an anti-virus program and a firewall. The … - 02/17/2017

» Cybersecurity Lapse Costs Yahoo $250 Million!

We often discuss here the extremely high costs of cybersecurity breaches - we broke the news of ransomware being a billion dollar industry and we expect it to hit $2 billion fairly soon. This form of cyber-extortion - it is easy to quantify. A hacker… - 02/16/2017

» Why You Shouldn't Pay a Ransomware Ransom

Awhile back, we explained that paying a ransom after getting infected with ransomware like Cryptolocker or something similar is a bad idea because you could wind up funding terrorist groups like ISIS and others. - 02/15/2017

» Microsoft's Digital Geneva Convention Idea Shows How Vulnerable We Are

Microsoft recently penned a piece about the need for a Digital Geneva Convention which eliminates targeting of tech companies, assists the private sector deal with attacks and which calls for restraint of cyber-weapon development shows how pathetical… - 02/14/2017

» 5 Ways to Fight Back Against Cybercrime

It's time to face the facts: We are at war against cybercrime. And this war is not going to end any time soon. The enemy we are fighting is a massive, complex global network of hackers who are equipped with a variety of cutting-edge cyberweapons… - 02/13/2017

» Mozilla Claims Half of the Internet is Now Encrypted

It's not easy to find a positive cybersecurity statistic these days. As we pointed out last week, for instance, one third of small businesses still have no idea what a ransomware attack is. Over a fifth of businesses lost customers after a data breac… - 02/06/2017

» Six Chilling Cybersecurity Stats You Need to Know

February has officially arrived, and here in New England that means plummeting temperatures and messy commutes. As cold as the weather is right now, though, it's nothing compared to the frigid cybersecurity conditions that we are seeing. Here are… - 02/01/2017

» How Many Unsecured Phones Are Being Used In Your Company?

Last week, a report broke that President Trump is still using a personal Android phone to post on Twitter. According to the New York Times, Trump is not using the device to make calls. However, it's unclear what security measures the device has in pl… - 01/30/2017

» Is There Any Way to Protect Your Business From Malevolent Insiders?

Is There Any Way to Protect Your Business From Malevolent Insiders? - 01/25/2017

» Top Things To Know About Cybersecurity This Week

With so much happening in cybersecurity right now, keeping up with the news can be a bit overwhelming. To make things easier, here's a look at what you need to know for the week of January 23: - 01/23/2017

» Is Your Business Its Own Worst Cyberenemy?

To say your IT environment is complex would be a massive understatement. You have a large team of onsite and distributed employees using a variety of mobile devices. Your data is all over the place, being stored in flash drives, cloud drives and loca… - 01/17/2017

» Don't Get Hooked! Phishing Is Still a Huge Problem

Chances are likely that if you're reading this blog, you're already at your wit's end about cybersecurity and are looking for help from a managed services provider. - 01/13/2017

» Critical Security Flaw Discovered at Box.com

Using the cloud for file sharing and collaboration seems like a no-brainer. Cloud storage services are extremely cost-effective (and in some cases free), they will allow your users to access files from any location, and they put zero strain on your n… - 01/10/2017

» Think Before You Submit A Ransomware Payment

Recently we asked a customer what he would do if he opened his computer and found it was infected with ransomware, a type of malware that will encrypt your machine or its data and hold them for ransom. We were surprised to learn that he would readily… - 01/09/2017

» Be On Full Alert For Intellectual Property Theft

You and your team members couldn't be more confident about the year ahead. Yesterday morning, you had a closed-door meeting to discuss your grand strategy to take over your industry. And you spent the rest of the day excitedly exchanging plans and id… - 01/05/2017

» Hackers Are Raking In Profits From Ransomware Payments

Experiencing a ransomware attack is a bit like getting mugged on the street. When the pressure is on, most people will choose to just hand over their wallet to end the situation safely and quickly. It's sometimes easier, when faced with the idea of l… - 12/23/2016

» The Fight For Data Privacy: Is It Still Worth It?

It keeps getting worse for Yahoo. Just recently, the company announced its second massive data breach in 2016 - this one impacting over 1 billion users. The announcement came on the heels of Yahoo's September data breach disclosure, which impacte… - 12/22/2016

» Hackers Want To Weaponize Your Virtual Cloud Servers

A few weeks ago, hackers successfully broke into Internet infrastructure provider DYN's servers and launched a massive DDoS attack that knocked a large portion of East Coast businesses offline. That attack certainly got everyone's attention. - 12/19/2016

» Study Shows Half of the Web is Vulnerable to Malware

Think about how many different websites you access on a typical work day. Let's assume you visit an average of 100. Now, multiply this among all of the other employees in your organization, and we can assume that your business is accessing thousands … - 12/14/2016

» U.S. Businesses Are Facing The Brunt of Ransomware Attacks

Are you still unconvinced about the dangers of ransomware? - 12/09/2016

» 2017 Cybersecurity Concerns and Consequences

When Donald Trump takes his seat at the head of America's government this January, cybercrime will still be the growing threat to corporate data that it has been for years-whether that information stays here in the states or moves offshore. After all… - 12/09/2016

» Microsoft to End Support for Windows 10 Debut Version

Is your business currently using the debut version of the Windows 10 operating system? If so, be prepared: Microsoft is planning to end support for version 1507 in March. - 12/07/2016

» Enterprises Are Rising to the Challenge of Top Cybersecurity Risks

Enterprises Are Rising to the Challenge of Top Cybersecurity Risks - 12/01/2016

» Did You Spend Thanksgiving Worrying About Your Data Center?

Last week, your mind wasn't on turkey or stuffing. You watched football after you ate, but you didn't really pay attention to the game. And though you were in the same house as your family all day, your mind was back in your data center. - 11/30/2016

» San Francisco's Muni Suffers Brutal Ransomware Attack

It's back to reality after the holiday for workers at the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) system. - 11/28/2016

» How Long Does a Ransomware Infection Last?

Your network has been laid low by a malicious ransomware infection. How long will it be before it makes a complete recovery? - 11/23/2016

» One or More of Your IT Workers Is Job Hunting Right Now

Your IT workers are the lifeblood of your organization. They know the ins and outs of your entire network. So when something breaks, they know where to look. And when you can't connect to the Internet, they know what to do. - 11/23/2016

» Could Your Small Business Survive a Cyberattack?

If you trust your sensitive data to a free cloud storage service, you're courting disaster. Yet, about 25 percent of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do just that. - 11/18/2016

» Over 412 Million Accounts Exposed in FriendFinder Networks Hack

FriendFinder Networks, a major online dating and entertainment network, recently experienced a major hack. Sources indicate over 412 million user accounts were breached. The hack spanned across six major websites. - 11/14/2016

» SMBs: Free Cloud Storage Systems Could Hurt You

There is an old adage that says "there's no such thing as a free lunch." In other words, even if something is free there is always a hidden cost. It may be an indirect cost, but you will have to pay for it one way or another. - 11/10/2016

» Reality Check: You Don't Need Help From Washington To Keep Your Network Safe

After a long and tough journey, the U.S. election is finally over. In a few short months, Donald Trump will be sworn in as our 45th president. As business leaders, we must put this divisive election behind us and look forward. Regardless of wheth… - 11/09/2016

» Cyber Heist Costs City of El Paso $3.2M

The city of El Paso, Texas suffered a loss of $3.2 million following a successful phishing scheme. - 11/08/2016

» Three Dangerous Cybersecurity Misconceptions

The cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. While cybercrime used to be a problem for data center managers, now it's an issue that all areas of the enterprise have to contend with. So as an executive, you need to do … - 11/04/2016

» Take A Stand Against Network Downtime

Unplanned network downtime continues to be a thorn in the side of many businesses. In a recent study, 89 percent of IT professionals indicated their organization has suffered from at least one unplanned network outage. Sixty-nine percent of IT prof… - 10/31/2016

» Can You Trust A Third Party Managed Services Provider?

You and your colleagues are very careful about protecting sensitive information. Few people have access to your inner circle. You are reluctant to share secrets with people you do not trust. And you aim to keep it this way. - 10/28/2016

» Struggling To Find Cybersecurity Help? Here's What You Can Do

If there is one positive takeaway from last week's widespread DDoS attack, which knocked a large chunk of the Internet offline, it's that cybersecurity is at least being talked about once again. - 10/25/2016

» Is Your Business Ready For Global Cyberwarfare?

The cyber standoff between the U.S. and Russia is escalating very quickly. This week, the U.S. government formally blamed Russia for the recent high profile cyberattacks against U.S. political organizations and citizens. - 10/14/2016

» SMBs: You Won't Believe the Cost of a Ransomware Attack

For the average small to medium-sized business (SMB), money is a finite resource - especially in the data center. According to Gartner, economic uncertainties are causing many businesses to tighten their belts and trim costs in any way they can. In f… - 10/11/2016

» IAEA Director Confirms Cyber Disruption at Nuclear Power Plant

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - the nuclear watchdog for the United Nations - made an alarming announcement today: At some point in the past, a nuclear power plant was successfully hit with a disruptive cyberattack. - 10/10/2016

» An Important Message from Apex Technology Services

October is National Cybersecurity Month here in the U.S. So, we wanted to take this important opportunity to release a public service announcement reminding you to protect your digital assets. - 10/07/2016

» New Malware Could Produce Surge of DDoS Attacks

Over the weekend, a hacker released a powerful computer source code onto the Internet that targets connected devices. According to cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs, the code - called Mirai - is the same one that took down the high profile KrebsonSecu… - 10/05/2016

» It's Getting Harder to Fight Cybercrime

Last week's Yahoo data breach announcement was pretty unnerving. After all, 500 million accounts were breached. It was the largest hack of all time. - 09/30/2016

» Computer Technician

A computer technician is an IT professional who helps businesses overcome technology-related challenges. These challenges can include computer repair, network troubleshooting, hardware installations, cybersecurity and more. - 09/30/2016

» Computer Help

Maintaining network stability is one of the top business challenges today. It can be expensive and time-consuming. One way to streamline the process is to seek computer help from a third party managed services provider (MSP). - 09/30/2016

» Virus Removal

A computer virus is a malicious type of code that can damage a computer, destroy its data and change the way it operates. Viruses, along with other types of harmful software like worms and spyware, are commonly referred to as malware. - 09/30/2016

» Online Businesses: Use Cybersecurity to Drive Profits

It's not easy for online businesses to earn the trust of shoppers. Unlike retail stores, online businesses do not have the luxury of face-to-face interactions. Most consumers rely on public reviews before deciding whether they can trust online busine… - 09/23/2016

» Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach

Yahoo confirmed today at least 500 million accounts were breached following a hack which occurred late in 2014. - 09/22/2016

» Gmail Outage Was an Important Lesson

Last week the unthinkable happened: Gmail crashed. Countless corporations that use Google for Work were affected. - 09/22/2016

» IT Services Company

An IT services company helps customers by providing a wide range of technology-related services. These services can range from basic computer support to proactive data center infrastructure management. - 09/19/2016

» Computer Support Services

Unfortunately, computer systems don't always work properly. And when they fail, they can lead to costly and frustrating business disruptions. - 09/19/2016

» Managed Services

The term "managed services" refers to critical IT operations which are supported by a third party managed services provider (MSP). - 09/19/2016


A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that offers IT infrastructure and network management support for other businesses. - 09/19/2016

» World Doping Agency: Hackers Stole Olympic Medical Records

U.S. athletes may have won their share of gold at the Rio Olympics, but they lost some as well - in the form of valuable medical data. - 09/14/2016

» Fire Should Be the Least of Your Mobile Worries

Last week, Samsung issued an unofficial emergency recall for the recently-released Galaxy Note 7 phone. The recall came after at least 35 separate reports of exploding batteries. - 09/13/2016

» ESPN Fantasy Football Platform Crashes on Opening Sunday

It was a bumpy start to the 2016 NFL season, from a technical perspective. - 09/12/2016

» White House Appoints Gregory Touhill as First Chief Information Security Officer

President Obama today announced the appointment of the first ever Chief Information Security Officer for the federal government. - 09/09/2016

» Like It or Not Your Business Is a Target for Cybercrime

Right now, a massive power struggle is developing across the international public and private sectors for the control of digital information and infrastructure. And many organizations are unwillingly being pulled into the fight. - 09/09/2016

» Is Cloud Storage a Good Idea?

It's the question every business leader is asking: Is it a good idea to use the cloud for file storage? The answer may surprise you. - 09/06/2016

» Don't let Insider Negligence Compromise Your Data

If there is one cyberthreat that should be keeping you up at night, it's ransomware-a type of malware that can hijack your files and devices, and hold them ransom. - 09/02/2016

» That Windows Update on Your Desktop Could be Ransomware

A new type of ransomware is spreading across the Web that you need to know about. It could be a major security risk to your organization. - 08/31/2016

» Is Cybersecurity Insurance a Good Idea?

It sounds simple: Your company's data is a valuable asset to your organization. So, you should be able to protect it with cybersecurity insurance…right? Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. - 08/30/2016

» The Healthcare Industry Needs to Wake up to Cybercrime

The healthcare industry is a hotbed for cybercrime. Each year, cyberattacks against healthcare organizations cost the industry more than $6 billion and impact millions of patients and staff members. Unfortunately, the majority of healthcare organiz… - 08/23/2016

» IT Solutions

We are in a new era of business-the Information Age-where companies are collecting, processing, manipulating and storing more data than ever before. This trend is rapidly accelerating thanks to the emergence of the Internet of Things. - 08/22/2016

» IT Management Services

Your business is facing a tough dilemma regarding its network infrastructure. On one hand, your company cannot function without it. It's absolutely essential for just about every business process in your organization. - 08/22/2016

» IT Services

Most businesses today are completely reliant on their computer systems and connected technologies. These technologies are responsible for enabling just about every critical business function in an organization, from sending and receiving email to man… - 08/22/2016

» IT Consultant

Economist Michael Porter was once quoted as saying that the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. This quote is especially true when applied to information technology (IT). Businesses have an endless amount of technologies available to ch… - 08/22/2016

» On-site Support

In a perfect world, computer systems would work perfectly all the time. But this is not a perfect world, and computers require constant attention. They break easily, and often require repairs. - 08/22/2016

» IT Network Services

Email. Instant messaging. Printers. Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony. Video. These are all examples of critical IT network services. When employees come to work in the morning, they expect to have direct, uninterrupted access to them. - 08/22/2016

» 24/7 IT Support

One thing is absolutely certain about business computer systems: You can have the finest infrastructure in the world...but at some point, performance issues will inevitably arise on the network. There is no such thing as a flawless computer network. - 08/22/2016

» Hospital Agrees to Pay $5.5M Fine for Data Breach

For a hospital chain, $5.5 million can go a long way. Such a large sum of money could, for instance, be used to improve facilities, offer better patient care or help low-income patients afford treatment. - 08/12/2016

» Cyber Accident of the Year? Microsoft Leaks Secure Boot 'Golden Key' to Public

News is spreading quickly about Microsoft's "golden key," a vulnerability that enables hackers to bypass critical security checkpoints on certain Windows devices. - 08/12/2016

» There's No Excuse for Alert Fatigue in Cybersecurity

As you're watching Olympic basketball this week, pay attention to how other countries stack up against the dominant U.S. men's and women's teams. Most international squads are only able to hold steady against the powerful U.S. opposition for the firs… - 08/12/2016

» Every Day Should Be Backup Day

Stop and think about all of the critical data that is riding on your network. For example, you have important files on your customers. You have sensitive internal financial data. You have notes on your competitors, trade secrets and much, much more. - 08/11/2016

» Massive Computer Outage Leads to Global Shutdown for Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines may have mastered the nuances of commercial aviation, but the company is still struggling with one challenge: its computer network. - 08/10/2016

» In Rio for the Olympics? Be on Full Alert for Cybercrime

Pollution. Terrorism. Zika. These are just some of the threats lurking in Rio during the Olympic Games, which start today. Another major threat that Olympic attendees need to be aware of is cybercrime. - 08/05/2016

» Three Must-Watch Cybersecurity TED Talks

Using the Internet is a bit like swimming at the beach. Most beachgoers, in other words, will only venture a few feet offshore, without paying any mind to dangers like sharks or rip currents. - 08/04/2016

» Businesses Face Alarming Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Are you having a tough time hiring qualified cybersecurity experts for your business? If so, you are most certainly not alone. - 08/02/2016

» Everything You Want to Know About Ransomware (But Are Afraid to Ask)

In the news today you see constant updates about global issues like ISIS, Trump vs. Hillary, Zika and the South China Sea conflict. One issue you probably won't see any updates about, however, is ransomware-the malware epidemic that is silently sp… - 07/29/2016

» Are You Protecting Your Company's Privileged Accounts?

Not all computer accounts are created equal in your organization. You have a mix of standard accounts, which are for employees across the enterprise, and you also have privileged accounts for system administrators, cloud providers and applications. T… - 07/29/2016

» Have You Backed Up Your Data Lately? Don't Wait for Disaster to Strike!

Disease. Extreme food and water shortages. Natural disasters. Nuclear war. The rise of an evil artificial intelligence. These are just some of the threats that could ultimately lead to the end of life on earth. But should this happen, the chance exis… - 07/27/2016

» Where Is Your Company's Cyber Blind Spot?

Your IT staff is fighting tooth and nail to keep your business's network free of unauthorized intruders. They are putting in long hours every day, scanning the network for signs of suspicious activity and advanced threat campaigns. - 07/26/2016

» Apex Technology Services Responds to New HIPAA Guidance From US Dept of Health

New York- Apex Technology Services, a leading IT consulting provider for business computer support and managed network services, today responds to newly released HIPAA guidance from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Office for Civi… - 07/22/2016

» Justice Is Served in MLB Hack

Baseball is a game built around the art of stealing. Players regularly attempt to steal bases, and signs from opposing coaches. Likewise, fans applaud when a fielder "robs" someone of a hit, or a pitcher picks someone off of first base. - 07/21/2016

» Robbers Stole Over $2 Million From ATMs in Taiwan-With Malware

Earlier this week, masked robbers successfully stole more than $2 million from ATMs owned by Taiwan's First Bank. - 07/15/2016

» This Week in Ransomware: One Lies, One is Fail Proof and the Other is Very Cheap

This Week in Ransomware: One Lies, One is Fail Proof and the Other is Very Cheap - 07/15/2016

» Security Advisory: Say No to Pokemon GO in the Office

Take a look around your building today and you're bound to see countless people walking around with their heads down, staring at their phones. The majority of these people aren't checking their email or browsing the Web...they're playing a game calle… - 07/15/2016

» What Exactly Is North Korea Up To?

With so much happening in the news this week, it's easy to overlook the developing story surrounding U.S. sanctions on North Korea. But from a cybersecurity perspective, this is something to pay attention to. - 07/08/2016

» This Is Cyber War...Is Your Business Protected?

We were pretty disheartened to read a recent BBC article which declared that criminals are indeed winning the "cyber arms race." Last year in the UK, for instance, there were an astounding 2.46 million cyber incidents and at least 700,000 cases of fr… - 07/08/2016

» Should Businesses Be Liable for Damages Following a Hack?

From a cybersecurity perspective, it's been a tough year for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This week, the company announced its second large data breach in just 14 months. - 07/06/2016

» Noodles & Company Serves Customers a Data Security Incident Notice

"Fast-casual" restaurant chain Noodles & Company made headlines this week when the company revealed it was the victim of a large data breach. - 07/01/2016

» Three Easy Things Your Employees Can Do to Protect Organizational Data

You alone lack the power to single-handedly stop a data breach in your enterprise. It's just too big of a responsibility. In fact, even your IT staff can only do so much. - 06/30/2016

» IoT and Network Security: The Threat Is Real, Folks

Let me tell you about my friend John, who owns a medium-sized business and is very excited about the Internet of Things (IoT). - 06/28/2016

» FBI: Beware New Email Scam

Put your staff on full alert: Last week, the FBI posted a notice warning about a rapidly spreading email scam which, to date, has resulted in the attempted robbery of at least $3 billion from businesses. - 06/23/2016

» Don't Wait For 'The West' to Stop Hackers

It's official: The recent hack of the Democratic National Committee was carried out jointly by hackers with close ties to the Russian government and another unknown group. - 06/21/2016

» Citrix GoToMYPC Reminds us of the Insecurity of the Cloud

Cloud computing is a very broad term… It's a collection of servers and server farms being hosted by someone else. Almost every day, someone asks us, is it better to use the cloud instead of an on-premise server? - 06/19/2016

» How to Remove Ransomware

The best way to protect your company is to hire an outside IT firm from the start, to minimize your risk - 06/17/2016

» This Cyberextortion Tactic Is Even Scarier Than Ransomware

Over the past few months, we have been harping about the perils of a new type of malware called ransomware, which allows hackers to break into private computers and lock up sensitive data... - 06/16/2016

» You Won't Believe How Much Ransomware Pays

Ransomware-a type of malware that holds private information hostage until a payment is made-continues to be one of the most damaging cybersecurity threats. And the potential risk to businesses seems to be growing worse by the day... - 06/16/2016

» Your Network Could Already Be Full of Intruders

Right now, you and your team are actively working to prevent a data breach in your network. The truth, though, is that the damage may have already been done. It's possible that hackers already broke in, and are waiting for an opportune time to strike… - 06/15/2016

» 5 Billion New Reasons Your Company Will Be Hacked

Thanks to the last four weeks, your company is more likely to be attacked today than ever and the reason is very simple. Over the last month, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr have been hacked, among many others. As a result, there are now about … - 06/12/2016

» Five Signs You're a Sitting Duck For an Insider Data Breach

Take a walk through your office, and look at your employees. One of these people could very well be the cause of a disastrous data breach in your organization... - 06/10/2016

» Your Business Is Under Cyberattack. What Are You Going to Do About it?

As you read this, scores of hackers are barraging your network looking for ways to defraud your business. - 06/09/2016

» Three Reasons Why Every Law Firm Should Seek Cybersecurity Compliance

Three Reasons Why Every Law Firm Should Seek Cybersecurity Compliance - 06/07/2016

» Willie Sutton Would be a Ransomware Hacker

Ransomware hackers know businesses are really where the money is - 06/04/2016

» Want to Avoid Ransomware Complications? Read This

Let's pretend that one of your employees replies to a phishing email, infecting his or her computer with ransomware in the process. The ransomware has hijacked the device and "locked up" critical files until a large sum of money is paid. - 06/03/2016

» The SoNo Collection Clears Major Hurdle

Move over, Stamford: Norwalk may very well soon become the new shopping epicenter of Fairfield County pending construction of a new mall, which is now entering its final planning stages. - 06/03/2016

» 10 Healthcare Cybersecurity Stats That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

With so many high-profile data breaches in the news these days, it's easy to become desensitized to cybercrime, and to dismiss the possibility of an attack on your business. In reality, though, it's likely that hackers will target your network in sea… - 06/01/2016

» Is Downtime Crippling Your Network?

Here on the Apex Technology Services blog, we've been paying a lot of attention to cybersecurity as of late. After all, the rampant spread of ransomware and data breaches has network professionals across the world on edge-and rightfully so. - 05/24/2016

» Almost 80% of Companies Will Suffer a Serious Data Breach in the Near Future

One of the most fascinating aspects of human nature is overconfidence. Especially in the face of logic and reason. - 05/23/2016

» These Five Industries Are Most at Risk for Cyberattacks

Cybercrime has emerged as one of the biggest security threats impacting businesses today. But which industries are most at risk? - 05/19/2016

» Cybersecurity Paranoia Is Rampant In Financial Services Industry

Have you been losing sleep wondering if your financial institution has what it takes to combat a sophisticated cyberattack? If so, you're not alone... - 05/17/2016

» Ransomware Attacks Hit Record High in April

For many business leaders, there was little time to stop and smell the May flowers this month. Instead, a large number of professionals were busy cleaning up after being hit with devastating ransomware attacks in April. Ransomware, if you're unfamili… - 05/13/2016

» Top 11 Cybersecurity Issues For Business

Cybersecurity is the biggest threat to business today. In fact, just this week, the New York Attorney General said data breaches have increased by 40% The crucial question business and their stakeholders must ask is how do we protect ourselves agains… - 05/12/2016

» New York Attorney General: Data Breaches Rise 40 Percent

The office of New York Attorney General (AG) Eric Schneiderman recently released some sobering news regarding the state of business data breaches in the Empire State... - 05/12/2016

» Congress Gets Hit with Ransomware, Sends Warning

The news just broke that the US House of representatives recently was hit with ransomware. This comes just a week after the FBI warned about how serious an issue the problem is becoming. In fact, our company was the first to peg the ransomware proble… - 05/10/2016

» $82 Million Cybersecurity Loss at Bangladesh Bank Could have been Prevented

There are virtually no impenetrable computer systems but sometimes companies actually invite the bad guys to steal from them. Here at our IT support company, we had two appointments with potential new customers on the same day last week and in both c… - 05/09/2016

» URGENT FBI Ransomware Warning Issued

What is it? Ransomware allows a malicious user to encrypt all your files and not give you the keys to unlock your data until after you pay the ransom of their choosing. This cancer is spreading and morphing as shown by CryptMix, - 05/08/2016

» CryptMix Hacktrepeneurs use Charity Guilt-Trip Ransomware Angle

ansomware continues to be one of the most prevalent cybersecurity threats around. A single click from an unsuspecting user causes all the files on a company's network to be encrypted and only released after a user pays a ransom. - 05/08/2016

» Your Hospital Was Just Hit With Ransomware. Should You Pay?

Let's envision a worst-case cybersecurity scenario at your healthcare facility: A hacker either locks you out of your computer or obtains access to your private files, and demands a ransom of almost $20,000... - 05/06/2016

» ADA Mails Infected USBs to Its Own Members

Imagine you were to receive an official-looking USB device in the mail from a trusted source. Chances are likely you would use the device under the assumption that it is secure... - 05/05/2016

» Three Ways to Avoid a Ransomware Payment

Ransomware-or malware that blocks computer access until a fee is paid-is one of the biggest cyber security threats facing businesses today. - 05/03/2016

» The Panama Papers Incident Is Far From Over

Get ready, folks: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is preparing to release a massive amount of information related to the recent "Panama Papers" data heist at law firm Mossack Fonseca. - 04/28/2016

» The Verizon Data 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report Is Worth Reading

The Verizon Data 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report Is Worth Reading - 04/27/2016

» Stretch Your IT Budget By Outsourcing Cybersecurity Operations

Growing concerns about cybersecurity have left your organization with little choice: Your company needs to bolster its cyber defenses, or risk falling victim to a costly incident like a data breach, or ransomware attack. - 04/22/2016

» Law Firms: Let the Mossack Fonseca Case Be a Harsh Lesson in Cybersecurity

By now you have undoubtedly heard about the Panama Papers data leak at law firm Mossack Fonseca, recently referred to by WIRED as "the biggest leak in whistleblower history." - 04/21/2016

» Red Alert: Uninstall QuickTime From Your Windows PC ASAP

Are your employees using Apple's QuickTime media player on their Windows PCs? If so, it's time to spring into action and remove the software as quickly as possible. - 04/18/2016

» Critical Infrastructure Providers: It's Time to Prepare for a Ransomware Attack

Stop and ask yourself the following question: Is your business well-protected from ransomware? If you answered yes, then you are more protected than many other organizations. - 04/15/2016

» Apex Broke the News on Billion Dollar Ransomware Losses

In some weeks, our New York and Connecticut-based IT service provider Apex Technology Services would get multiple calls from companies hit with ransomware - insidious software that locks up your computer network and doesn't let you access your files … - 04/15/2016

» Should You Pay a Ransomware Demand?

Should You Pay a Ransomware Demand? - 04/12/2016

» GGP To Hold SoNo Collection Meeting at Norwalk Town Hall

GGP To Hold SoNo Collection Meeting at Norwalk Town Hall - 04/11/2016

» Hacking as a Service Should Scare You

Hacking as a Service Should Scare You - 04/08/2016

» Cybersecurity: An Issue No Government Can Ignore

Cybersecurity: An Issue No Government Can Ignore - 04/07/2016

» Your Ransomware Payments may fund ISIS and could get you Indicted

?Your Ransomware Payments may fund ISIS and could get you Indicted - 04/06/2016

» Don't Be a Turkey: Organize and Protect Your Data Now

Right now all eyes are on Turkey, where this week hackers successfully breached a massive residency database and exposed the personally identifiable information (PII) of more than 49 million Turkish citizens. - 04/05/2016

» The US Scores Against Hackers but its Companies Lose

Score one for the US government in its fight against hackers," says an article on the well-respected tech site CNET owned by CBS. - 04/03/2016

» New Mall Will Make Business Boom in Norwalk

New Mall Will Make Business Boom in Norwalk - 04/01/2016

» Anomaly Detection: the Best Solution for CryptoLocker and other Ransomware

At this point in time there is no way to stop a CryptoLocker or other ransomware attack where potentially every computer on your network becomes encrypted - essentially locked, forcing your company to pay a ransom to get your data back. As a business… - 03/29/2016

» Iranian Hackers Indicted For Cyberattacks Against U.S.

Iranian Hackers Indicted For Cyberattacks Against U.S. - 03/24/2016

» Many U.S. Counties Are Failing to Use Mobile Device Management Software

Many U.S. Counties Are Failing to Use Mobile Device Management Software - 03/17/2016

» Study Shows Smartphones Account For 60 Percent of Mobile Malware

Study Shows Smartphones Account For 60 Percent of Mobile Malware - 03/11/2016

» You Have A Lot Of Things To Worry About...Take Cybersecurity Off Of Your List

You Have A Lot Of Things To Worry About...Take Cybersecurity Off Of Your List - 03/01/2016

» Don't Fall Victim To Ransomware: Take Action To Protect Your Business

As an executive, you have to make a lot of tough decisions on a daily basis. This is the nature of your job. There's one decision you should never have to make, though, and that it is trying to choose between forever losing your business's sensitive … - 02/18/2016

» Want Fast Broadband Internet? Come To Connecticut

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a report indicating that Connecticut now has the second -fastest Internet download speeds in the U.S., with an average speed of 46.94 Mbps. - 02/12/2016

» Strapped for Network Resources? An MSP Like Apex Technology Services Can Help

Your IT department has a big problem: It's strapped for resources. Right now, it lacks the budgetary allowance to hire skilled workers and critical new infrastructure. - 02/05/2016

» Is It Time To Bring A Casino To Fairfield County?

Is It Time To Bring A Casino To Fairfield County? - 01/24/2016

» Whaling: A New Form of Hacking You Need To Be Aware Of

Just when you thought your employees were well educated about the dangers of spear phishing-or highly targeted hacking-there's another nautical cybersecurity threat that is growing in popularity. - 01/15/2016

» Brace For Another Tough Year In Cybersecurity

Here's a wakeup call: While your employees were out taking long winter naps for the holidays, hackers were working overtime trying to gain backdoor access into your network-like phishing for employee credentials and attempting to bypass your firewall… - 01/06/2016

» Need A Computer Consultant In Fairfield County? Apex Technology Services Can Help

Your business has a lot on its plate heading into 2016. You're focused on growing your customer base, hiring new employees, increasing your marketing efforts, and so on. - 12/23/2015

» Iran Brings CyberWar to Westchester and Fairfield Counties

Like it or not, the US is in a Cyberwar with Russia, ISIS, North Korea, China and Iran to name a few state-sponsors of criminal acts via the internet. Unlike wars of the past, the casualties in this twenty-first century conflict is civilians and corp… - 12/21/2015

» Three Cybersecurity Predictions To Heed In 2016

2015 was a wild year for cybersecurity, as corporate hacks continued to multiply. Now, profitability from data theft is at an all-time high, with cyberthieves seeing returns of up to 1,425 percent on their investments of hacking and ransomeware kits.… - 12/08/2015

» Target's 2013 Data Breach: A Scar That Won't Fade Any Time Soon

Forget the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"; the holiday ghouls that business owners and IT administrators alike should be paying close attention to this year could very well be their own employee… - 12/04/2015

» Target's 2013 Data Breach Cost $200 Million. Could Your Business Afford This Bill?

Total financial payouts to consumers and credit card companies stemming from Target's massive 2013 data breach now stands at just under $50 million, with $10 million being allocated to customers and $39.4 going to multiple banks. - 12/03/2015

» The T in Boston is Bracing for Winter. Your Business Should too

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, known as the T, is spending more than $83 million in a race against time to winterize their very old transit system. As another winter hits the northeast, how will companies in Mass, Connecticut, New Yo… - 12/02/2015

» Using Unencrypted Data? You're Playing With Fire

Despite all of the attention surrounding cybersecurity today, many organizations are still failing to properly protect their sensitive data. It's all too easy to think that a data breach could never happen to your organization, only to learn about th… - 11/25/2015

» Avoid The Pitfalls of DIY Network Troubleshooting

Imagine you receive emails from several different team members complaining about poor VoIP call quality in your organization. Conversations, they explain, sound distorted and delayed. - 11/20/2015

» It's Time To Throw In The Towel and Consult With An MSP About Your Network

The days may be getting shorter outside, but inside the walls of your organization you and your team are working overtime trying to drive fourth quarter sales and prepare for the busy holiday rush. - 11/06/2015

» Working With Vendors? Don't Get Blindsided by a Data Breach

By now you're most likely familiar with the high-profile data breach surrounding Experian's T-Mobile account, which exposed the sensitive information of about 15 million of the mobile company's customers. - 10/20/2015

» What On Earth Is Wifatch? It's Complicated

As if the arcane world of cybersecurity isn't confusing enough, things got even stranger this week when a new strand of mysterious malware was exposed. - 10/09/2015

» Outsourcing: A Great Answer To Rising IT Salaries

You're stuck between a rock and hard place with your current IT team. On one hand, your business relies heavily on its internal IT staff to keep its network up and running, and secure. - 09/18/2015

» No Department In Your Organization Is Safe From Cyber Threats

Think about what happens when IT discovers an infection lurking on the network. No employee wants to think that the problem originated in their own department, or worse their own system. Accusations and rumors naturally tend to start flying as IT sea… - 09/11/2015

» Is It Time to Let Companies Fight Back Against Cybercrime?

Right now, the majority of U.S. organizations are sitting ducks for cyberattacks because they are inadequately protected from online threats. - 08/25/2015

» A Tale of Two CryptoLocker Victims

As many of you likely know I am CEO of TMC, a media company which focuses on technology and communications but I've also started an IT consulting and MSP firm some years back called Apex Technology Services. Apex has been a breath of fresh air from t… - 08/17/2015

» Do You Wire Money Online? Watch Out For Cyberthieves

Listen up, business owners: It's time to start paying extra attention before wiring any money online. - 08/07/2015

» The Internet Threat Landscape Just Got A Lot Scarier

Remember when just about everyone smoked cigarettes (including your doctor)? The majority of people seemed to know that cigarette smoking was a big problem. But it took quite some time for the reality to sink into the consciousness of the American pu… - 07/31/2015

» Connecticut Business Owners: It's Time to Get Serious About Data Protection

The topic of digital security is reaching a boiling point following a recent rash of high-profile data leaks. - 07/14/2015

» Are You Curious About What Cyber Attackers Are Up To?

Here at Apex Technology Services, we're always on the lookout for important information to pass along to our readers-especially when it comes to the topic of cybersecurity, one of the hottest issues in technology today. - 06/26/2015

» Why the Kaspersky Cyberattack Should Have You Worried

On Wednesday, the seemingly unthinkable happened: Moscow's Kaspersky Lab, one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the world, revealed that its network was breached just a few months ago by a sophisticated malware platform. - 06/12/2015

» 100,000 Tax Accounts Affected In IRS Data Heist

U.S. taxpayers received a major blow this week when it was revealed that cyber criminals gained access to at least 100,000 tax accounts through the IRS's "Get Transcript" application. - 05/28/2015

» July 14 EOL Deadline Looms for Windows Server 2003

If your network is still running on the 13-year-old Windows Server 2003 operating system (OS), here's a wake-up call: You have until July 14 to migrate to a new platform or face the impending end of life (EOL) consequences that Microsoft has planned-… - 05/15/2015

» Experiencing High Customer Bounce Rates on Your Website? Your Security Certificate Could Be to Blame

Imagine your customer is browsing your website on Google Chrome, and is prompted to enter personal security credentials before proceeding with his or her business (be it account inquiry or registration). - 05/05/2015

» Would You Negotiate For Your Business's Stolen Data?

Your business stores a trove of sensitive-and valuable-data on its legacy servers. This data includes everything from private consumer financial records to internal emails and trade secrets. - 04/07/2015

» State of Connecticut to Open New Data Security Department

The State of Connecticut is taking a major step forward in helping to reduce the growing threat of Internet crime. - 03/24/2015

» SMBs See Technology as Key Business Enabler

In the past, only large corporations with big budgets were able to invest in cutting-edge technologies due to their exorbitant costs. However, thanks to recent advances in virtual storage and cloud computing, this is no longer the case. Now, an incre… - 03/13/2015

» Three Lessons IT Personnel Can Learn from Anthem's Recent Hack

If you thought 2014 was as bad as it could get as far as cyberattacks are concerned, think again. Anthem Health Insurance is the latest victim of a high-profile cyberattack, which goes down in history as one of the nation's largest healthcare breache… - 02/27/2015

» BMW Issues Security Patch to Avoid Making Hacker Headlines

The connected car revolution is officially upon us. Drivers can now conveniently access the Internet through their cars instead of having to scroll through various applications on their smartphones, which is ultra-convenient. Yet while the connected … - 02/20/2015

» Corrupted Email Account Leads to Major Financial Real Estate Scam in Stamford

Bridgeport police are currently in custody of a Tennessee man who tried to swindle a woman out of $150,000 in an online real estate scam. - 02/06/2015

» Winter Storm Juno Reminds Businesses to Buckle Down on Downtime

This past week, New England and parts of New York were pounded by winter storm Juno. Record-breaking snowfall, high winds and coastal flooding caused major power outages throughout the region. While city and town workers acted tirelessly to clear the… - 01/30/2015

» Don't Build Your Data Center on Shaky Ground

A string of recent mild earthquakes in Eastern Connecticut is causing business owners across the state to ask when and where future quakes can be expected to occur and whether they will compromise equipment and facilities. - 01/23/2015

» What Stamford's Traffic Czar Has to Do With Your Computer Network

Chances are if you've driven extensively around Stamford or in the surrounding area, you've been stuck in some pretty awful traffic from time to time. Try navigating Broad Street after 5 p.m. Good luck. - 01/12/2015

» Stamford Economy is Thriving, Mayor Explains

Recently elected Stamford Mayor David Martin had strong words about his city's economy in his first State of the City Address. - 01/06/2015

» Eying Stamford's Harbor Point For Your New Office?

Stamford's Harbor Point is quickly becoming prime real estate for businesses in the tri-state area. - 12/16/2014

» Are You Planning on Upgrading to Windows 10?

Did your business avoid the Windows 8 nightmare? - 12/05/2014

» 2014 Was a Tough Year for Digital Security

The number of international businesses that are struggling with digital security is increasing, as evidenced by Kaspersky's latest IT-related risks survey. - 12/01/2014

» What You Need to Know About the CryptoWall 2.0 Ransomware

Millions of end users have recently become exposed to a dangerous new form of malware that installs itself onto computers and holds files for ransom. - 11/18/2014

» How Secure Are Your Company's Passwords?

Are you confident in the integrity of the passwords you and your employees use to access critical data and communications on daily basis? - 11/10/2014

» Why Your Business Needs to Be Afraid of Its Own 'Shadow'

Your business is in the process of integrating several new bleeding-edge cloud applications into its core infrastructure. These applications are streamlining tasks for your employees and are helping drive revenues for your organization. But are you a… - 11/03/2014

» So Your Network Went Down. How Long Will It Take You To Restore It?

Your network crashed this morning, meaning you have been searching all day for the exact cause and location of the error. Unfortunately, you still can't find out what's causing the problem. And until you do, your business will remain at a standstill. - 10/27/2014

» Avoid the Pitfalls of Virtualization with Managed IT Services

You are considering virtualizing your data center's servers to reduce operational expenses and cut down on floor space. But virtualization is a complex process, and if done incorrectly it could do more harm than good in your facility. - 10/20/2014

» So, You Think Your Network Is Safe from Hackers? Think Again

Your company has become almost completely reliant on the Web for the majority of its critical business operations. It uses the Web to process customer transactions, store sensitive information and engage in both internal and external communication. F… - 10/14/2014

» JP Morgan Cyberattack Among Largest Data Heists to Date

At least 76 million households and 7 million small businesses were compromised during this summer's cyber attack on JPMorgan Chase. This makes the attack, which occurred during June and July, one of the largest on an American corporation to date. In … - 10/06/2014

» Shellshock: The Latest Digital Security Threat You Need to Know

A new digital security vulnerability has been identified which some experts feel is an even bigger threat than the recent Heartbleed bug. - 09/29/2014

» Beware of Do-It-Yourself Network Stress Tests

Recently, Facebook ran an experiment to test the resiliency of its core network. The company shut down an entire data center to see whether its emergency safeguards were capable of kicking in and maintaining uptime. - 09/22/2014

» Home Depot in Hot Water Following Recent Data Breach

Not even the Home Depot will have the necessary tools for rebuilding its brand image following a recent data breach that may have exposed information from more than 40 million payment cards to hackers. And now, on top of dealing with a damaged reputa… - 09/16/2014

» Do You Have a BYOD Policy? If Not, We Can Help

In today's economy, businesses across all verticals are forced to figure out how to be more productive with fewer resources. - 09/08/2014

» Celebrity Photo Heist Serves as a Reminder of the Importance of Digital Security

Over Labor Day weekend, the private accounts of a variety of celebrities-including actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton-were infiltrated by hackers. Many private photos-some of them bearing nude images of the celebrities-were stolen and pos… - 09/03/2014

» Are These BYOD Issues Threatening Your Enterprise?

Your business lets employees access its core network using a variety of mobile devices. But are you taking appropriate security measures for this privilege? Here are some common pitfalls of bring your own device (BYOD) programs that could cripple you… - 08/26/2014

» Report: 4.5 Million Records Stolen in Latest Hospital Data Breach

As a sign of the times, not even the sick are safe from the greedy hands of hackers. Recently, it was reported that cybercriminals broke into the Community Health Systems (CHS) database and stole the records of 4.5 million patients. - 08/19/2014

» Report: Managed Security Services to Boast 15.4% CAGR Between 2013 and 2019

Most companies aren't in the business of ensuring that fortified security mechanisms are in place in their technological infrastructures. Rather, their missions are to serve customers in other ways, whether by providing comprehensive accounting servi… - 08/11/2014

» Three Signs a Managed Services Provider is Right for You

Before you outsource your data management to a private cloud provider, you need to think about how much IT support you are looking for. - 08/04/2014

» Are You Getting As Much Productivity as Possible from Your Data Center?

Since every penny in your IT budget counts, it's important to make sure you are getting the most mileage from the resources that you invest in your data center. - 07/29/2014

» Study Shows Virtualization Market will Continue to Grow

Virtualization has become one of the hottest new trends in IT. In fact, a new study from Reportstack shows the global virtualization services market will continue to expand at a rate of 10.35 percent until 2018. - 07/21/2014

» Authorities Put an End to 'Leceptex' Botnet

Right now all of the talk in Greece is centered on the shutdown of its public sector. But another shutdown quietly made headlines last week when police made two arrests in connection with Facebook's "Leceptex" spamming botnet, which hacked and mined … - 07/14/2014

» Here's What to Look for in a Managed Service Provider

The market for managed services continues to explode, as business owners find ways to optimize their operations while concurrently reducing costs. That's because when companies choose to place their technological infrastructure in the hands of manage… - 07/07/2014

» The Growing Threat to Business Computer Systems

Greenwich seminar to help local businesses prepare for latest technology threats and challenges. - 07/03/2014

» Study Shows Executives Are Taking Cloud Computing Risks Seriously

Right now an increasing number of businesses are adopting cloud technology for the purposes of streamlining efficiencies and saving money. But is the cloud entirely safe? As companies continue to rely on the cloud and trust it to harbor sensitive inf… - 06/30/2014

» Report: Managed IT to Boast 9.42% CAGR Through 2018

As businesses continue to seek creative ways to reduce costs and optimize IT, many are turning toward managed service providers to take the reins of their technological infrastructure. In fact, recent research indicates that on a global level, the ma… - 06/23/2014

» Infonetics: Business VoIP Market to Reach $38B by 2018

The market for VoIP telephony and unified communications-which included managed, cloud and SIP trunking services in both business and residential sectors-is expected to reach $88 billion by 2018. And of that, $35 billion will be spent on business VoI… - 06/16/2014

» Extend the Life of Your IT Hardware with Managed IT Services

When Derek Jeter comes up to bat in the ninth inning, you know his bat is free of cracks. And his cleats won't break when he runs out of the batter's box. While the Yankees can't make him hit the ball, they can do everything in their power to make su… - 06/09/2014

» Study Shows 61 Percent of IT Leaders Are Choosing Managed Service Providers

Many IT decision makers are in agreement: It's worth their while to put the oversight and management of their computing infrastructure in the hands of managed service providers. - 06/03/2014

» One Out of Four Businesses Affected by a Disaster Fail to Reopen

Did you know that according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, one out of four businesses affected by a disaster fails to reopen? - 05/30/2014

» Internet Explorer's Security Vulnerability and Windows XP

It's been only a little over a month since Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP support, and already we're seeing a security flaw in Internet Explorer. The vulnerability, discovered only a few weeks after Microsoft made its move April 8, is so ser… - 05/19/2014

» New Study Shows Increase of Data Breaches in Q1 2014

Digital security experts agree: Data breaches are getting worse on the Web, and show no sign of slowing down any time soon. According to the SafeNet BLI, over 200 million records were stolen in the first quarter of 2014. That adds up to about 93,000 … - 05/13/2014

» Five Months After Data Breach, Target CEO Steps Down

Five months ago, Target, one of the country's largest retailers, announced that the sensitive data belonging to up to 110 million of its customers had been compromised. Today, the company's CEO is out of a job. - 05/05/2014

» In the Wake of Snowden, Many Decision Makers Believe Their Data Might Not Be Safe

Following former contractor Edward Snowden's announcement last year that the National Security Agency (NSA) was engaging in cyber-surveillance on a widespread scale, nearly nine out of 10 IT leaders said they feared that someone had accessed their da… - 04/29/2014

» CryptoDefense: Nasty Ransomware, but Don't Panic about It

Have you heard of CryptoDefense? It's the recently released ransomware that locks up Windows-based computers and encrypts the files contained therein, only spitting out the key that unlocks the machine after a ransom is paid. The malware usually infe… - 04/21/2014

» What You Need to Know about 'Heartbleed'

A serious security flaw embedded in a software library used by a plethora of websites that encrypts sensitive communications was detected last week. "Heartbleed," as it's named, can be found in OpenSSL, open source code that enables SSL and TLS encry… - 04/15/2014

» Top Three Reasons to go Local for IT Outsourcing

Benefits like significantly slashed costs, increased operational efficiency and 24x7x365 support have made IT outsourcing an unbelievably attractive alternative for companies looking for support, project management, network monitoring and online back… - 04/14/2014

» North American Colocation and Managed Hosting Services Market is Poised to Grow

Right now, IT managers everywhere are searching for solutions to reduce CAPEX and OPEX in the enterprise data center without sacrificing performance or reliability. As a result, many are turning toward hosted solutions in order to achieve this, and i… - 04/07/2014

» Report: Businesses Are Struggling to Test their Disaster Recovery Plans

The importance of disaster recovery cannot be overstated. In addition to the hefty sums of income businesses stand to lose should their systems be knocked offline, companies also suffer from dissatisfied customers who can't buy products or ask questi… - 03/31/2014

» Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Disaster Recovery

Think disaster recovery isn't a big deal? Think again. - 03/24/2014

» Five Tips for Choosing a Managed Service Provider

Seeing how the global managed services market is set to grow from $142.75 billion in 2013 to $256.05 billion by 2018-a CAGR of 12.4 percent, according to Research and Markets-it might be worth your while to consider partnering up with a managed or ho… - 03/17/2014

» How Managed Service Providers Can Transform Healthcare Providers

As a large scale healthcare provider, it can be difficult to gauge exactly where your business will be in the future. While the average large-sized hospital will increase at the rate of one facility per year, many hospitals are unpredictable when it … - 03/11/2014

» Despite 30% Market Share, Windows XP Support Ends April 8

For the past 12 years, Microsoft has provided support for the Windows XP operating system. But that era is coming to an end on April 8 as the company announced it will be directing its focus on providing support for more current technologies. - 03/10/2014

» Report: Global Cloud Computing Market to Hit $158.8B this Year

Seeking cost savings and the increased functionality necessary to navigate today's fast-paced business world, companies are increasingly adopting cloud computing platforms. In fact, recent research indicates that 75 percent of all businesses made use… - 03/03/2014

» Businesses Seek Managed Service Providers to Combat Malware

Today, it's common for employees to check their personal email and visit social networks on the corporate network. And while surfing the Web may seem harmless, it could be introducing vicious malware and other threats to business systems. - 02/24/2014

» Freeing Up Your Time with Managed Service Providers

A new trend is emerging within the IT space for 2014 and it can be summed up in two words: services-led strategies. More specifically, many are arguing that when looking to sharpen one's IT strategy a managed service provider (MSP) plays a necessary … - 02/18/2014

» Survey Says: MSP Outsourcing on the Rise

The data center is one of the most important parts of a properly functioning enterprise. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most expensive-and it can be a real money pit for an organization if not managed properly. Due to the high cost of both capit… - 02/10/2014

» Survey Shows Midsize Businesses Have the Most to Gain from the Cloud

These days, businesses of all sizes are charged with the task of doing more while spending less. Because of this, many companies are migrating to the cloud and employing managed service providers to take care of their IT needs. Such providers oversee… - 02/03/2014

» Four Expert Tips for Effective Disaster Recovery

If Hurricane Sandy taught us anything it's that we've always got to be prepared. With the cost of server downtime coming in at $12,500 per hour, businesses can't afford to ignore disaster recovery. However it's not always easy to know where to start. - 01/27/2014

» Head into 2014 Strong by Employing a Managed Service Provider

Last year proved challenging for those IT teams that didn't have a strategy in place. In fact, in a survey commissioned by IBM, over half of IT security practitioners admitted to lacking a formal strategy for governing their network data. Furthermore… - 01/20/2014

» Top Backup and Disaster Recovery Lessons from 2013

As we head deeper into 2014, it is vital that corporate executives and IT managers are on the same page about the importance of having a robust data recovery (DR) and backup plan in place. According to recent research from MegaPath, the average cost … - 01/13/2014

» Report: Global Market for Managed Security to Reach $24.1B by 2019

Data is crucially important to any business, which means that making sure it is safe and secure is essential to long-term business vitality. The recent heist of customer credit card data reported by Target-which occurred over 19 days and resulted in … - 01/07/2014

» Report: Disaster Recovery Services Market to Reach $5.7B by 2018

While disaster recovery and business continuity has been around since the late 2000s, the buzz amongst organizations concerning its importance is just a few years old. With major storms like Hurricane Sandy and a slew of high profile network outages … - 12/23/2013

» Ease Your Team's Workload with Managed IT Services

The IT department is without question one of the hardest working ones within any given enterprise. That isn't to say that other departments are sitting pretty, but business owners are looking to capitalize on the rising advancement of Web technology … - 12/16/2013

» Market for Managed Services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa Projected to Hit $5.5B by 2018

Success in today's competitive marketplace depends heavily on the health and efficiency of an organization's network. In order for a company to thrive, it has to be able to conduct business securely over the Internet. It also has to be able to transf… - 12/09/2013

» Global Managed Services Market to Climb over $256B by 2018

With businesses in every industry seeking to cut down costs while improving efficiency and productivity, it should come as no surprise that recent research predicts the global market for managed services will increase by nearly 80 percent between now… - 12/03/2013

» Outsourced Cloud Services to Dominate the Enterprise

With the need to create more advanced business applications, many of which are cloud-based, enterprises are increasingly turning to managed IT support. In fact, the typical enterprise will run almost 70 percent of its infrastructure in the cloud or o… - 11/25/2013

» Healthcare IT is Growing: Why You Should Consider Outsourcing

The need for strong IT is made more than clear in a recent report by Research and Markets, which states that the global healthcare IT market poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate of seven percent, representing a total growth to $56.7 billio… - 11/18/2013

» Top Three Tips for Easing the Transition to Managed IT Services

These days, more and more organizations are starting to realize the benefits of switching managed IT services over to a hosted provider. In fact, recent research indicates that 60 percent of CIOs now believe that cloud computing is their number one I… - 11/12/2013

» Cloud-based Security Market to Top $9B by 2017

Security is vitally important to any business these days, but staying on top of ever-changing threats of increasing complexity is difficult, especially in this sensitive economic climate. Because of this, businesses continue to outsource security nee… - 11/04/2013

» The Dangerous Cost of Network Downtime

In September 2010, airline company Virgin Blue's check-in and online booking system went down causing an uproar among its 50,000 passengers who couldn't board their scheduled flights. Eventually, Virgin Blue's reservations management company, Navitai… - 10/21/2013

» Top Tech Tips to Get Your Week Going

It's the start of a new week, which opens the door for many new opportunities and surprises. Some of those surprises, however, may not be so exciting or welcome. - 10/14/2013

» Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Your organization cannot function without the flow of its mission critical data. For this reason, uptime is not a luxury-it is a necessity. So, what would happen to your enterprise if a major hurricane were to cause severe damage to your data center?… - 10/07/2013

» Gartner: IT Outsourcing Market to Reach $288B This Year

As companies continue to find creative ways in which to save money during this difficult economic climate, the market for IT outsourcing continues to grow. The worldwide market for managed IT services is expected to reach $288 billion this year, acco… - 09/30/2013

» Staying Modern with a Managed Service Provider

Companies are increasingly employing the services of managed service providers because those companies provide a variety of benefits that businesses are beginning to realize. And the market is growing rapidly, with Eric Goodness, of Gartner, predicti… - 09/24/2013

» Five Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization is a game changer for many organizations, allowing them to free up resources while improving the functioning of their machines. Indeed, virtualization provides businesses with a variety of benefits. - 09/16/2013

» The Top Five Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Companies are increasingly flocking to managed services to support their IT needs. According to recent research, the market for outsourcing IT support will nearly double between 2013 and 2018, growing from $142.75 billion to $256.05 billion over that… - 09/09/2013

» Managed Service Providers Help Businesses Save Money and Resources

You need resources in order to compete. And you need as many as you can get. - 09/03/2013

» Market for Managed Services to Grow at CAGR of 12.4% to 2018

As businesses continue to figure out creative ways in which to save money in this challenging economic climate, more and more companies across all verticals are turning to managed service providers to handle their non-core IT needs. In addition to co… - 08/19/2013

» Computer Tech Support is Best in the Hands of a Managed Service Provider

Due to the quality of service, the price tag associated with it and technological innovations, companies are increasingly opting to have their computer tech support be a managed service. Rather than invest a substantial portion of a company's own res… - 08/12/2013

» Keep Your Business Secure with Data Backup

These days, businesses rely more than ever on their data and simply can't afford to be without it for any amount of time. Whether human error, unexpected computer updates or natural disasters knock your machines offline, it's more important than ever… - 08/07/2013

» Trustworthy Computer Tech Support Services: You Won't Fall Victim to a Scam

Everyone needs computer tech support. Unfortunately, for a significant amount of Americans, a recent trend involving bogus offers of tech support has been becoming more and more common. - 07/29/2013

» The Top Five Benefits of Employing a Managed Service Provider

These days, businesses are focused on doing all they can to save money without sacrificing the quality of the services they offer. Computers and technological infrastructure are the backbone of many enterprises. Because of this, making sure both are … - 07/22/2013

» Saving Time and Unnecessary Costs on Computer Repair Services

In a technological world, the telephone is the modern toolbox - when we can't solve an issue ourselves, we call someone to help. However, this type of toolbox doesn't always hold the resources we need to fix what's broken, especially when it comes to… - 07/16/2013

» Managed Service Providers Uniquely Poised to Prevent Malware Attacks

When your computer goes down, your day tends to go down with it. A computer infection can cause your productivity - or worse, the productivity of your whole business - to crash rapidly. And according to a recent study, too many Americans are familiar… - 07/08/2013

» Businesses are Poised to Continue Adopting VoIP Technology

With the recent hype surrounding the National Security Agency's surveillance of American citizens, the security and efficiency of communication is now a paramount concern for businesses nationwide. In the face of these fears, voice over Internet Prot… - 06/26/2013

» Tips for Selecting the Right Computer Repair Company

Even though the computers you recently purchased for your business boast the newest technology and are faster than you could have imagined, let's face it: There will come a time when they'll need a tune up. - 06/25/2013

» Realizing the Benefits of Managed IT Services

Realizing the variety of benefits that come with it-including economies of scale, a reduction of capital expenditures and streamlined processes-businesses continue to migrate to the cloud and employ managed IT services for their computing needs. - 06/24/2013

» The Top Five Benefits of Server Virtualization

Not only are your servers loud, they take up a lot of space and energy. And more likely than not, they're not configured in the most efficient way possible. - 06/20/2013

» Technology Companies Rapidly Embracing Managed Services

Technology businesses see extraordinary room for growth in becoming managed service providers, according to recently released research by 2112. Of the companies that were surveyed, 80 percent said they currently offered managed services and 60 percen… - 06/19/2013

» How a Managed Service Provider Will Save You Money

Budget-conscious business owners are constantly looking for ways to trim operating costs while keeping up with the latest trends in their industries. These days, technology powers most businesses, and with technological innovation progressing at a se… - 06/18/2013

» The Evolution of Video Surveillance

Maybe you've thought about installing video surveillance equipment at your office in the past, but you didn't want to have to store bulky equipment, stockpile videotapes or configure elaborate systems. You also didn't want to spend the time sifting t… - 06/17/2013

» The Importance of a Fresh Web Site

You've been there before: visiting a company's website that appears to have not been updated since the 1990s. With more and more commerce taking place online each year, you can't help but wonder where a company's priorities are if it is neglecting it… - 06/14/2013

» How Video Surveillance Can Benefit Your Business

If someone were to ask you how video surveillance can benefit your business, you might respond with something along the lines of how it would help identify someone who committed a crime… which is true. But, the benefits of utilizing a video surveilla… - 06/13/2013

» Preventative Care: Making Your Computers Live Long, Healthy Lives

You routinely go to the doctor for physicals-preventative care-to make sure your body's doing well. Should there be something wrong, it's best to detect it early. You have the best chance of getting healed the earlier something is caught and treatmen… - 06/11/2013

» The Growth of Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers are becoming more and more common these days, and according to a recent report issued by the Insight Research Corporation, the segment will continue to grow by double-digits over the next four years. Currently a $34 billion … - 06/10/2013

» Businesses Save by Outsourcing IT Support Services

Why spend more money on something if you don't need to? - 06/06/2013

» The Benefits of IT Consulting

Let's face it: The people you've hired full time to help address your company's IT needs aren't doing much-because you just don't have enough work for them. But you understand the importance of your computing infrastructure and making sure that it's … - 06/06/2013

» Ensuring Your Computers are always Online

If you've ever had your computing infrastructure unexpectedly go offline, you're well aware of the kinds of headaches that can occur-not to mention the potential business that gets lost in the meantime. More and more businesses rely heavily on techno… - 06/06/2013

» Apex: A One Stop Shop for All Things Technical

With over 40 years of combined experience in the technology industry, the team at Apex Technology Services is in a prime position to provide your business with superior managed IT services. - 06/06/2013

» Why Your Company Needs Managed IT Services

Your time is limited. In order to stay ahead in today's business world, you've got to be focused and direct. You've got to invest as much of your time and energy in meeting your company's mission so that you remain viable over the long term in an eve… - 06/06/2013