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Riot Games, PayPal and T-Mobile Hacked! Watch for These Cybersecurity Pitfalls:

By: Larry Szebeni    1/22/2023

Riot Games, PayPal and T-Mobile Hacked! Watch for These Cybersecurity Pitfalls:

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How New York Companies Can Protect Themselves from Hackers

By: Greg Tavarez    12/5/2022

As the threat of cyber attacks continues to grow, it is crucial for New York companies to take steps to protect themselves from hackers.

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Municipalities Stuck in the Past Are Prime Ransomware Targets

By: Greg Tavarez    11/23/2022

More than 3,400 state, local, tribal and territorial governments in the U.S. experienced ransomware attacks between 2017 and 2021.

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Are SMBs More Vulnerable Due to Lack of Confidence or Lack of Security Spending?

By: Greg Tavarez    11/14/2022

Almost three-quarters of SMBs say they are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than enterprises, which is among many reasons SMBs are seeking help from MS…

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Cyberattacks Target Small Cybersecurity Teams

By: Greg Tavarez    7/15/2022

Cynet's second annual "CISO Survey of Small Cyber Security Teams" confirmed that companies with small security teams continue to face greater risk.

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Understanding The Latest Trends in Ransomware Attacks

By: Luke Bellos    3/17/2022

When it comes to ransomware, or cyberattacks in general, many people are unaware of the many types businesses and individuals encounter. Not all attac…

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NY Governor On High Alert as Russian Cyberthreat Looms

By: Luke Bellos    3/4/2022

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is currently the focal point of global news coverage. Unfortunately, the war on the ground isn't the only problem: Russia…

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49ers Hit With Blackbyte Ransomware Attack

By: Luke Bellos    2/15/2022

Ransomware does not discriminate, as these attacks are impacting businesses of all shapes and sizes. Just two weeks after losing in the NFC Championsh…

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New Report Highlights Most Frequent Targets of Ransomware

By: Luke Bellos    2/2/2022

Almost every digitally-focused business is currently in the crosshairs of hackers these days, but some industries are getting hit more frequently than…

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FinalSite Ransomware Attack Prompts New Warning from AG Tong

By: Luke Bellos    1/18/2022

Although this ransomware attack was managed before evolving into a disastrous situation, it is yet another serious reminder of the rising number of th…

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Ransomware Attack On Finalsite Causing Havoc For US Schools

By: Luke Bellos    1/7/2022

As if the pandemic itself wasn't enough trouble, now some school districts are dealing with the fallout of a recent ransomware attack.

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Log4J Exploit Highlights Importance of Staying Updated

By: Luke Bellos    12/15/2021

Organizations across the globe are becoming more educated about the need for increased security in the remote/hybrid age. Investing in managed service…

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Cybersecurity 101: The Basics For Ransomware Protection

By: Luke Bellos    12/2/2021

If business leaders are serious about preventing digital resources from being compromised by cybercriminals, immediate action must be taken to ensure …

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Simple Advice For Maintaining A Secure Remote Workforce

By: Luke Bellos    11/1/2021

Working out of the office has become a dream come true for employees across the globe, but without the proper security measures, hackers could turn th…

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Lawsuit Claims Infant Death Partly Caused By Ransomware Attack

By: Luke Bellos    10/1/2021

An Alabama resident has filed a lawsuit against Springhill Medical center, alleging a recent ransomware attack led to the death of her baby due to the…

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Surge In Ransomware Attacks Prompts FBI Warning

By: Luke Bellos    9/3/2021

In response to the massive rise in ransomware attacks, the FBI has released a special warning to businesses and citizens to ensure safe online and net…

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State of Connecticut Enacts Law to Protect Customer Data and PII from Cyberattacks

By: Erik Linask    8/3/2021

Connecticut becomes the third state to implement incentive-based cybersecurity legislation to protect business and customer data.

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