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September 04, 2023

Cybersecurity in Hosting and Hybrid Work Environments Needed Urgently

The recent ransomware attacks on the Danish hosting firms, CloudNordic and AzeroCloud, present a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that even well-protected systems can have. Hundreds of businesses lost invaluable data, emphasizing the critical nature of cybersecurity in an increasingly digital era. As businesses shift to a hybrid work model, it is more crucial than ever to understand and address the potential cyber threats they face.

The Catastrophic Impact of Ransomware

The attacks on CloudNordic and AzeroCloud affected several hundred Danish companies, resulting in the loss of websites, emails, documents, and more. This incident is not isolated; there have been prior instances where hosting providers have been targeted, leading to large-scale damage.

In 2017, a South Korean hosting provider had to pay a whopping $1 million to recover its customers' data from ransomware culprits. More recently, Rackspace suffered a Play ransomware attack impacting its Microsoft Exchange services.

The motive for such attacks is clear – by targeting hosting providers, cybercriminals can create maximum chaos and multiple victims in a single strike. This puts immense pressure on the providers to pay the ransom, lest they face potential lawsuits from aggrieved customers.

Safeguarding Businesses in the Hybrid Work Era

The shift to hybrid work models has added another layer of complexity to cybersecurity. With employees logging in from various locations, the lines between traditional office boundaries and remote operations blur, making it a breeding ground for cyber threats.

Addressing this, Apex Technology Services, in collaboration with Datto, is hosting a seminar titled "Cybersecurity and Hybrid Work: How To Keep Your Business Protected." This event promises insights into best practices and strategies to safeguard businesses in this dynamic environment.

By attending, participants can:

  • Understand the latest cyber threats in the hybrid work setting.
  • Gain knowledge on efficient strategies to secure such environments.
  • Learn about groundbreaking technologies that boost cyber resilience.
  • Network with industry stalwarts and peers.

Learning from the Experts

The seminar boasts of an impressive lineup of speakers from various sectors, including cybersecurity, law enforcement, insurance, and data protection. With case studies and real-world examples, businesses can comprehend the tangible benefits of effective cybersecurity measures.

James Baker, Digital Forensic and Incident Response Manager at the Westport Police Department and an Adjunct Professor at Fairfield University, will be among the speakers, alongside representatives from Malloy Insurance, Datto, and Apex Technology Services.

Why "Cybersecurity and Hybrid Work" is a Must-Attend

In light of the recent cyber attacks on hosting providers, the seminar serves as a timely reminder of the threats businesses face. By attending, businesses can equip themselves with the tools to proactively address their cybersecurity challenges. With the knowledge gained, companies can better protect their assets, reputation, and future.

In Conclusion

These recent hosting ransomware attacks emphasize the significant threats that businesses face in today's digital landscape. As the transition to hybrid work models becomes more commonplace, understanding and mitigating cyber risks is paramount. Events like the "Cybersecurity and Hybrid Work" seminar offer a platform for businesses to arm themselves with knowledge and strategies to remain resilient in this challenging era. Register now.

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