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You Won't Believe How Many Healthcare Providers Reported Cyberattacks

By: Rich Tehrani    12/12/2017

The healthcare industry will remain a magnet for cybercrime in 2018. Things are bad and getting worse by the day for providers.

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Is Your Business Aligned with Connecticut's Cybersecurity Strategy?

By: Rich Tehrani    12/7/2017

This past summer, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy made headlines when he announced the release of the Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy.

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Think Twice Before Trying to Bury a Data Breach

By: Larry Szebeni    12/1/2017

Uber is now facing significant public outcry after news recently broke that the company allegedly covered up a data breach of 57 million people for mo…

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Cybercrime is Getting Worse by the Day. Is Your Business Prepared?

By: Rich Tehrani    11/29/2017

I recently spoke with the owner of a large business who wanted to know about the forecast for cybercrime in 2018. Will next year be any different, or …

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40% of Government and Military Figures Targeted by Fancy Bear Russian Cyberattack Clicked Links

By: Rich Tehrani    11/27/2017

In what has to be a wake-up call for corporate America, a recent AP story on Russian hackers targeting U.S. military and government officials showed 1…

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Three Cybersecurity Tips for Thanksgiving Weekend

By: Justin Verrastro    11/22/2017

You and your coworkers may be getting ready to clear out for the holiday weekend, but before you do it's important to perform a cybersecurity gut chec…

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NYC Announces New Program to Address Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

By: Larry Szebeni    11/20/2017

The New York City Economic Development Corp. (NYEDC) has launched a new program to address the city's urgent cybersecurity skills shortage.

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The FBI Needs to Inform U.S. Corporations They've Been Breached

By: Rich Tehrani    11/18/2017

The Wall Street Journal reports that the US government has known about the threat from Kaspersky Lab since 2003. For some reason, this information was…

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Cloud Servers Leak Data from Verizon, Viacom and Now The Pentagon

By: Rich Tehrani    11/18/2017

There is a perception among many in the business and tech community that the cloud is somehow inherently secure. More so than local servers. The reali…

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Ransomware: A Growing Concern for Schools

By: Rich Tehrani    11/16/2017

Businesses and consumers aren't the only ones being targeted by ransomware, a highly dangerous form of malware that hijacks personal files for ransom.…

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New York Business Owners Struggle to Fill Cybersecurity Positions

By: Justin Verrastro    11/13/2017

By now, most business leaders in New York have gotten the message loud and clear about the need for strong cybersecurity.

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What Are The Odds of a Ransomware Attack?

By: Rich Tehrani    11/6/2017

Ransomware is a relatively new threat, and many business owners still aren't sure what to make of it. In fact, two thirds of U.S. office workers don't…

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Breaking Down the Total Cost of a Data Breach

By: Larry Szebeni    10/30/2017

Getting hit with a data breach is a bit like getting into a car accident. It's common to think it will never happen to you, until it does and you are …

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3 Major Reasons to Fear Cybercrime

By: Rich Tehrani    10/30/2017

Target. Home Depot. JPMorgan Chase. Verizon. Yahoo. Arby's. Dun & Bradstreet. America's JobLink. Deloitte. Equifax…

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NotPetya: World's First $10 Billion Malware

By: Rich Tehrani    10/28/2017

Just 9 Companies Lost $1.8 Billion! It's worth noting NotPetya may be one of the most destructive pieces of malware ever and we previously broke th…

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Media Demands Death Penalty After Equifax Hack

By: Rich Tehrani    10/25/2017

In 2018, we predicted the cost of each stolen record may skyrocket to $250 while the total organizational cost of a data breach could get as high as $…

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Two-Factor Authentication: A Critical Cybersecurity Strategy You Cannot Ignore

By: Larry Szebeni    10/24/2017

If there is one thing we cannot stress enough here at Apex Technology Services, it's the importance of making sure all of your end users' accounts are…

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Amazon Whole Foods Cyber Breach: What Acquirers Must Learn

By: Rich Tehrani    10/21/2017

Whole Foods Market has resolved the cybersecurity incident announced on September 28, 2017, involving unauthorized access of payment card information …

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Are Cybercriminals 'Cryptojacking' Your Internet Browser?

By: ApexTechServices News    10/20/2017

The Internet is, arguably, your business's most important resource. You use the Internet for everything, from sending email to communicating with cust…

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US-CERT Sends Incorrect Link to Secure IoT Devices

By: Rich Tehrani    10/17/2017

This morning the US-CERT or United States Computer Emergency Readiness team sent an email as part of Cybersecurity awareness month. The email focuses …

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New York City Companies at Greatest Risk from KRACK WiFi Security Breach

By: Justin Verrastro    10/16/2017

In New York City, where cybercrime is rampant, securing your WiFi is every bit as important as locking your front door. It's a fundamental cybersecuri…

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Ransomware In-Part Fuels North Korea's $1B Illicit Online Income

By: Rich Tehrani    10/16/2017

One former British Intelligence chief estimates that North Korean cyberheists may bring North Korea as much as $1 billion per year or one-third the va…

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Ransomware Worth $6B! Grows at 2,500%. New York is the Biggest Target

By: Rich Tehrani    10/15/2017

In 2016, Apex Technology Services was the first company to put the aggregate damage of the Ransomware market at $1 billion, a number backed up by the …

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Hackers Are Now Targeting Breached Organizations

By: Larry Szebeni    10/13/2017

It was a busy week in the cybersecurity space, with several major headlines about data breaches.

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Vulnerability Management: The Driving Force of a Strong Cybersecurity Culture

By: Rich Tehrani    10/10/2017

I want you to try this experiment: Google "Equifax" and observe what you see in the news feed...

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Layer Defenses to Protect Your Network, Warns FBI Section Chief

By: Justin Verrastro    10/10/2017

Hackers are now relying on phishing more than ever to steal sensitive corporate data. In fact, there have been 8.5 times more phishing scams in 2017 t…

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Do Yesterday's NFL Scores Have You Down? These Cybersecurity Stats Will Make You Feel Worse

By: Rich Tehrani    10/9/2017

Cybercrime is now one of the most formidable threats facing businesses today, yet few organizations are adequately prepared to combat this growing pro…

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Should Kaspersky Users Report They've Been Breached?

By: Rich Tehrani    10/8/2017

We reached out to the F.B.I. numerous times to ask them if users of Kaspersky Lab software should report they were breached. The Bureau had been advis…

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Take Action During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

By: Larry Szebeni    10/6/2017

Most organizations today are completely dependent on the Internet to function. And moving forward, this dependency will continue to develop as more co…

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