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New York City Companies at Greatest Risk from KRACK WiFi Security Breach

By: Justin Verrastro    10/16/2017

In New York City, where cybercrime is rampant, securing your WiFi is every bit as important as locking your front door. It's a fundamental cybersecuri…

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Ransomware In-Part Fuels North Korea's $1B Illicit Online Income

By: Rich Tehrani    10/16/2017

One former British Intelligence chief estimates that North Korean cyberheists may bring North Korea as much as $1 billion per year or one-third the va…

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Ransomware Worth $6B! Grows at 2,500%. New York is the Biggest Target

By: Rich Tehrani    10/15/2017

In 2016, Apex Technology Services was the first company to put the aggregate damage of the Ransomware market at $1 billion, a number backed up by the …

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Hackers Are Now Targeting Breached Organizations

By: Larry Szebeni    10/13/2017

It was a busy week in the cybersecurity space, with several major headlines about data breaches.

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Vulnerability Management: The Driving Force of a Strong Cybersecurity Culture

By: Rich Tehrani    10/10/2017

I want you to try this experiment: Google "Equifax" and observe what you see in the news feed...

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Layer Defenses to Protect Your Network, Warns FBI Section Chief

By: Justin Verrastro    10/10/2017

Hackers are now relying on phishing more than ever to steal sensitive corporate data. In fact, there have been 8.5 times more phishing scams in 2017 t…

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Do Yesterday's NFL Scores Have You Down? These Cybersecurity Stats Will Make You Feel Worse

By: Rich Tehrani    10/9/2017

Cybercrime is now one of the most formidable threats facing businesses today, yet few organizations are adequately prepared to combat this growing pro…

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Should Kaspersky Users Report They've Been Breached?

By: Rich Tehrani    10/8/2017

We reached out to the F.B.I. numerous times to ask them if users of Kaspersky Lab software should report they were breached. The Bureau had been advis…

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Take Action During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

By: Larry Szebeni    10/6/2017

Most organizations today are completely dependent on the Internet to function. And moving forward, this dependency will continue to develop as more co…

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Use Team Training to Build a Strong Cybersecurity Culture

By: Rich Tehrani    10/6/2017

At the end of the day, you can apply all of the latest security patches to your endpoints, and invest in cutting-edge threat monitoring services, but …

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NFLPA Database Leak: 1,200 NFL Players Affected

By: Rich Tehrani    10/3/2017

Recently, researchers from the Kromtech Security Center have identified a publically accessible database that contained the private information of NFL…

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Alert: Critical Vulnerabilities Found Lurking in Dnsmasq

By: Justin Verrastro    10/3/2017

Apex Technology Services is now warning clients about a critical system vulnerability that was recently discovered in a commonly-used software package…

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CEOs Should Learn From Equifax or Also End up In Front of Congress

By: Rich Tehrani    10/2/2017

Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith says he is "deeply sorry" for the security breach in which sensitive personal information of as many as 143 million A…

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What Will the Average Cost of a Data Breach be in 2018?

By: Larry Szebeni    9/28/2017

By now it's no secret that data breaches are increasing in both volume and intensity each year. What's especially troubling, though, is that the avera…

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We asked the F.B.I., Were 400 Million Users Hacked by Kaspersky?

By: Rich Tehrani    9/26/2017

We've reported before that the F.B.I. has warned companies not to use Kaspersky Lab software. The concerns surrounding Kaspersky, whose software is so…

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Six Cybersecurity Stats That Will Shock You

By: Justin Verrastro    9/26/2017

These days, it seems like you can't open up the news without hearing about a developing cybersecurity incident of some sort - from data breaches at co…

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Breaking: Deloitte Announces Data Breach

By: Rich Tehrani    9/25/2017

Another day, another data breach…A major cyberattack has been reported at Deloitte, one of the world's "big four" accounting firms.

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1H17 Was a Cybersecurity Disaster

By: Larry Szebeni    9/21/2017

From a cybersecurity perspective, the first half of 2017 was a giant mess as we witnessed many major security incidents. A few examples on the long li…

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Alert: VMware Releases Critical Security Updates

By: Justin Verrastro    9/15/2017

Attention, VMware users: New updates are now available to address critical security vulnerabilities in the following products: Fusion, Workstation Pro…

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