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May 15, 2018

How Can IoT Can Help Your Company

Many of our customers throughout New York and Connecticut have asked us about IoT. They want to know what it is and how it fits into a company. 

Strictly speaking, IoT or Internet of Things are devices which attach to the internet and generally can be used for measuring things or for data input. A Smart Speaker like the Amazon Echo is an IoT device. So is a video doorbell. 

In a corporate setting, many of our customers are looking to bring in IoT devices so they can become more efficient and deploy new business models.  

For example in the insurance market, a sensor shipped to a customer and placed in a vehicle allows far better rating of a driver. In other words, an insurance company deploying these IoT sensors can potentially undercut the price of a competitor who is not innovating while making more money in the process. 

Companies who once waited for paper towel orders, can now ship dispensers with sensors which alert the company and tell them to ship more towels without the customer even needing to place an order. 

These concepts roughly fall into a category called digital transformation or the idea that you can't compete with a slew of startup companies without evolving – and doing so quickly. 

Even established organizations like Gillette and mattress companies are facing new competitors from Dollar Shave Club and Casper. The internet allows new companies to get between you and your past and potentially new customers. 

When there aren't new companies coming into your space, a lot of times your existing competitors are making these investments in an effort to surpass you. 

Apex Technology Services is the leading IT Consulting firm in the tristate area consisting of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and we often help customers with their technology decisions. 

Whether you need a new network, cybersecurity solutions such as training or anything having to do with technology, we are here to help and welcome your outreach. 

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