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Security Advisory: Say No to Pokemon GO in the Office

By: Justin Verrastro    7/15/2016

Take a look around your building today and you're bound to see countless people walking around with their heads down, staring at their phones. The maj…

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What Exactly Is North Korea Up To?

By: Larry Szebeni    7/8/2016

With so much happening in the news this week, it's easy to overlook the developing story surrounding U.S. sanctions on North Korea. But from a cyberse…

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This Is Cyber War...Is Your Business Protected?

By: Rich Tehrani    7/8/2016

We were pretty disheartened to read a recent BBC article which declared that criminals are indeed winning the "cyber arms race." Last year in the UK, …

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Should Businesses Be Liable for Damages Following a Hack?

By: Justin Verrastro    7/6/2016

From a cybersecurity perspective, it's been a tough year for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This week, the company announced its s…

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Noodles & Company Serves Customers a Data Security Incident Notice

By: Nik Poljak    7/1/2016

"Fast-casual" restaurant chain Noodles & Company made headlines this week when the company revealed it was the victim of a large data breach.

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Three Easy Things Your Employees Can Do to Protect Organizational Data

By: Larry Szebeni    6/30/2016

You alone lack the power to single-handedly stop a data breach in your enterprise. It's just too big of a responsibility. In fact, even your IT staff …

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IoT and Network Security: The Threat Is Real, Folks

By: Rich Tehrani    6/28/2016

Let me tell you about my friend John, who owns a medium-sized business and is very excited about the Internet of Things (IoT).

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FBI: Beware New Email Scam

By: Rich Tehrani    6/23/2016

Put your staff on full alert: Last week, the FBI posted a notice warning about a rapidly spreading email scam which, to date, has resulted in the atte…

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Don't Wait For 'The West' to Stop Hackers

By: Rich Tehrani    6/21/2016

It's official: The recent hack of the Democratic National Committee was carried out jointly by hackers with close ties to the Russian government and a…

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Citrix GoToMYPC Reminds us of the Insecurity of the Cloud

By: Rich Tehrani    6/19/2016

Cloud computing is a very broad term… It's a collection of servers and server farms being hosted by someone else. Almost every day, someone asks us, i…

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How to Remove Ransomware

By: Rich Tehrani    6/17/2016

The best way to protect your company is to hire an outside IT firm from the start, to minimize your risk

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This Cyberextortion Tactic Is Even Scarier Than Ransomware

By: Larry Szebeni    6/16/2016

Over the past few months, we have been harping about the perils of a new type of malware called ransomware, which allows hackers to break into private…

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You Won't Believe How Much Ransomware Pays

By: Rich Tehrani    6/16/2016

Ransomware-a type of malware that holds private information hostage until a payment is made-continues to be one of the most damaging cybersecurity thr…

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Your Network Could Already Be Full of Intruders

By: Justin Verrastro    6/15/2016

Right now, you and your team are actively working to prevent a data breach in your network. The truth, though, is that the damage may have already bee…

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5 Billion New Reasons Your Company Will Be Hacked

By: Rich Tehrani    6/12/2016

Thanks to the last four weeks, your company is more likely to be attacked today than ever and the reason is very simple. Over the last month, MySpace,…

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Five Signs You're a Sitting Duck For an Insider Data Breach

By: Larry Szebeni    6/10/2016

Take a walk through your office, and look at your employees. One of these people could very well be the cause of a disastrous data breach in your orga…

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Your Business Is Under Cyberattack. What Are You Going to Do About it?

By: Rich Tehrani    6/9/2016

As you read this, scores of hackers are barraging your network looking for ways to defraud your business.

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Three Reasons Why Every Law Firm Should Seek Cybersecurity Compliance

By: Rich Tehrani    6/7/2016

Three Reasons Why Every Law Firm Should Seek Cybersecurity Compliance

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Willie Sutton Would be a Ransomware Hacker

By: Rich Tehrani    6/4/2016

Ransomware hackers know businesses are really where the money is

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Want to Avoid Ransomware Complications? Read This

By: Rich Tehrani    6/3/2016

Let's pretend that one of your employees replies to a phishing email, infecting his or her computer with ransomware in the process. The ransomware has…

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