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New Mobile Ransomware is Targeting Healthcare Organizations

By: Rich Tehrani    7/17/2017

Over the last few months, ransomware names like WannaCry, Petya and NotPetya have been dominating the cybersecurity headlines.

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Study: Is Your Business Ready For Hurricane Season?

By: Larry Szebeni    7/10/2017

According to a new study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there have already been nine extreme weather events in 2017 - each …

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New Details Emerge in 'NotPetya' Ransomware Pandemic

By: Rich Tehrani    7/6/2017

Security experts are still piecing together clues from the massive global cyber pandemic that occurred on June 27.

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Is Outlook Blocking Your Email Attachments? Try This

By: Justin Verrastro    7/5/2017

Ever since Microsoft released its most recent round of security updates back in June, reports have been streaming in from users about various issues r…

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In Case You Missed It: Tuesday's Ransomware Attack

By: Larry Szebeni    6/28/2017

Global organizations in both the private and public sectors came to a standstill earlier this week following a new series of cyberattacks involving ra…

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Anthem Agrees to Largest Data Breach Settlement in History

By: Rich Tehrani    6/26/2017

A settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit against Anthem Inc. for a 2015 data breach that impacted about 80 million Americans. In the …

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Think Your Mac is Safe from Malware? It's Not

By: Justin Verrastro    6/23/2017

Many business leaders are still under the impression that Macs are safer to use than Windows computers, because they are less prone to viruses.

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WSU Data Breach Is a Reminder About Physical Network Security

By: Larry Szebeni    6/19/2017

There is a story about a man who couldn't keep his unrelenting neighbor out of his house. He built a fence, bolted the windows and even barricaded the…

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Wake Up to Cybercrime - It Could Save Your Business!

By: Justin Verrastro    6/15/2017

We are still encountering many administrators at the SMB level who are in denial about the threat of cybercrime. Some business leaders, it seems, woul…

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SEC: Cybercrime is 'Greatest Threat to Our Markets'

By: Rich Tehrani    6/12/2017

Last week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) named Steven Peikin and Stephanie Avakian as its new co-directors of enforcement.

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Four Security Threats to Keep On Your Radar

By: Rich Tehrani    6/5/2017

We are about to enter one of the most dangerous times of the year for cybercrime.

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Study Shows How Other Companies Approach Cybersecurity

By: Larry Szebeni    6/1/2017

We understand what you're going through in trying to keep hackers out of your network. Some days, it feels like it's your small company against the en…

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Top 3 Ransomware Myths Debunked

By: Rich Tehrani    5/31/2017

The global ransomware epidemic remains in full swing, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. In fact, things could get a lot messier before …

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CEOs: 5 Ways You Are Compromising Your Business's Cybersecurity

By: Justin Verrastro    5/23/2017

As the CEO of your company, you are probably already well aware of the ransomware epidemic and the threat that it poses to your organization - especia…

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It's Open Season on Financial Service Providers

By: Larry Szebeni    5/22/2017

A significant uptick in cybercrime has been reported in the financial services industry. Traditional financial service providers and fintech companies…

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Your Midweek Cybersecurity Briefing

By: Rich Tehrani    5/17/2017

We get it: It's not easy trying to run a business and keep up with breaking cybersecurity headlines. But if one thing is true, it's that education and…

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Can't Afford to Hire Cybersecurity Staff? Do This Instead

By: Justin Verrastro    5/12/2017

This week, Staples made headlines when the company hired its first-ever chief information security officer (CISO).

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Another Day, Another Data Breach in New York City

By: Rich Tehrani    5/11/2017

It's easy to lose sight of the human factor in a data breach, when information like customer names and addresses are stolen. But when it happens to a …

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One Third of SMBs Lack Cybersecurity Training

By: Larry Szebeni    5/5/2017

Let's be clear: Small-to-medium size organizations (SMBs) are every bit at risk from cybercrime as large organizations. In fact, the risk is almost gr…

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Talk to Your Entry Level Hires About Cybersecurity. It Could Save Your Business

By: Justin Verrastro    5/2/2017

May is here, which means a fresh wave of college graduates and interns are about to hit the job market. And chances are likely that your company is al…

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3 Things Your Cybersecurity Team Needs (But Won't Ask For)

By: Rich Tehrani    5/1/2017

As a C-level executive, you probably don't spend much time worrying about cybersecurity as this responsibility is handled by your IT department. Cyber…

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4 Cybersecurity Stats You Cannot Ignore

By: Larry Szebeni    4/27/2017

Dell Security has released a new study about enterprise security, and the results are downright terrifying.

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3 Ransomware Updates To Be Aware Of

By: Rich Tehrani    4/25/2017

Of all the cyberthreats facing your business today, few are as dangerous as ransomware - a nasty form of malware that can lock your hardware and softw…

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Is Your Business Using AWS? You Could Be at Risk

By: Justin Verrastro    4/21/2017

If I've said it once, I'll say it again: The cloud is not a cure-all for cybersecurity. You can't simply outsource your servers to the cloud and expec…

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Survey Says: Expect High Turnover in IT This Year

By: Larry Szebeni    4/18/2017

You love your in-house IT workers, some of which have been with your company for several years. If you had it your way, they would never leave.

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Some Good and Bad News About Cybercrime

By: Rich Tehrani    4/11/2017

SonicWall has released its 2017 Annual Threat Report, and it contains both good and bad news for businesses.

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2 Backdoor Network Entries You Need to Close ASAP

By: Larry Szebeni    4/7/2017

Protecting your network from cybercriminals is a never-ending job. Just when you patch one vulnerability, three or four more are bound to pop up.

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The U.K. is Getting Serious About Fighting Cybercrime

By: Rich Tehrani    4/5/2017

The U.K. government has proposed a series of new incentives and data regulations for businesses following a thorough review of the nation's cybersecur…

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Hacking: A Problem You Can No Longer Ignore

By: Justin Verrastro    4/3/2017

For the past few years, cybersecurity experts have been ringing the alarm bells about the threat of hacking, and the need for data protection. Now, co…

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4 Places You May Find Ransomware Hiding

By: Rich Tehrani    3/31/2017

Remember the days when you really had to try to get a computer virus? Well, those days are gone. We're living in a different world now, where malware …

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