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Whaling: A New Form of Hacking You Need To Be Aware Of

By: Larry Szebeni    1/15/2016

Just when you thought your employees were well educated about the dangers of spear phishing-or highly targeted hacking-there's another nautical cybers…

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Brace For Another Tough Year In Cybersecurity

By: Rich Tehrani    1/6/2016

Here's a wakeup call: While your employees were out taking long winter naps for the holidays, hackers were working overtime trying to gain backdoor ac…

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Need A Computer Consultant In Fairfield County? Apex Technology Services Can Help

By: Larry Szebeni    12/23/2015

Your business has a lot on its plate heading into 2016. You're focused on growing your customer base, hiring new employees, increasing your marketing …

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Iran Brings CyberWar to Westchester and Fairfield Counties

By: Rich Tehrani    12/21/2015

Like it or not, the US is in a Cyberwar with Russia, ISIS, North Korea, China and Iran to name a few state-sponsors of criminal acts via the internet.…

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Three Cybersecurity Predictions To Heed In 2016

By: Larry Szebeni    12/8/2015

2015 was a wild year for cybersecurity, as corporate hacks continued to multiply. Now, profitability from data theft is at an all-time high, with cybe…

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Target's 2013 Data Breach: A Scar That Won't Fade Any Time Soon

By: Nik Poljak    12/4/2015

Forget the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"; the holiday ghouls that business owners and IT admi…

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Target's 2013 Data Breach Cost $200 Million. Could Your Business Afford This Bill?

By: Rich Tehrani    12/3/2015

Total financial payouts to consumers and credit card companies stemming from Target's massive 2013 data breach now stands at just under $50 million, w…

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The T in Boston is Bracing for Winter. Your Business Should too

By: Rich Tehrani    12/2/2015

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, known as the T, is spending more than $83 million in a race against time to winterize their very old t…

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Using Unencrypted Data? You're Playing With Fire

By: Justin Verrastro    11/25/2015

Despite all of the attention surrounding cybersecurity today, many organizations are still failing to properly protect their sensitive data. It's all …

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Avoid The Pitfalls of DIY Network Troubleshooting

By: Nik Poljak    11/20/2015

Imagine you receive emails from several different team members complaining about poor VoIP call quality in your organization. Conversations, they expl…

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It's Time To Throw In The Towel and Consult With An MSP About Your Network

By: Larry Szebeni    11/6/2015

The days may be getting shorter outside, but inside the walls of your organization you and your team are working overtime trying to drive fourth quart…

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Working With Vendors? Don't Get Blindsided by a Data Breach

By: Nik Poljak    10/20/2015

By now you're most likely familiar with the high-profile data breach surrounding Experian's T-Mobile account, which exposed the sensitive information …

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What On Earth Is Wifatch? It's Complicated

By: Larry Szebeni    10/9/2015

As if the arcane world of cybersecurity isn't confusing enough, things got even stranger this week when a new strand of mysterious malware was exposed…

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Outsourcing: A Great Answer To Rising IT Salaries

By: Justin Verrastro    9/18/2015

You're stuck between a rock and hard place with your current IT team. On one hand, your business relies heavily on its internal IT staff to keep its n…

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No Department In Your Organization Is Safe From Cyber Threats

By: Nik Poljak    9/11/2015

Think about what happens when IT discovers an infection lurking on the network. No employee wants to think that the problem originated in their own de…

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Is It Time to Let Companies Fight Back Against Cybercrime?

By: Larry Szebeni    8/25/2015

Right now, the majority of U.S. organizations are sitting ducks for cyberattacks because they are inadequately protected from online threats.

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A Tale of Two CryptoLocker Victims

By: Rich Tehrani    8/17/2015

As many of you likely know I am CEO of TMC, a media company which focuses on technology and communications but I've also started an IT consulting and …

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Do You Wire Money Online? Watch Out For Cyberthieves

By: Justin Verrastro    8/7/2015

Listen up, business owners: It's time to start paying extra attention before wiring any money online.

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The Internet Threat Landscape Just Got A Lot Scarier

By: Nik Poljak    7/31/2015

Remember when just about everyone smoked cigarettes (including your doctor)? The majority of people seemed to know that cigarette smoking was a big pr…

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