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April 27, 2017

4 Cybersecurity Stats You Cannot Ignore

Dell Security has released a new study about enterprise security, and the results are downright terrifying.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • 35 percent of employees claimed they would take corporate data when leaving a company;
  • 72 percent would share sensitive, confidential or regulated company data under certain circumstances;
  • 24 percent admitted to engaging in unsafe behaviors to get their jobs done and
  • 76 percent claimed that security is less of a priority than maximizing productivity.

We understand that these types of statistics are not easy to read. After all, they basically confirm that employees cannot be trusted to manage corporate data because if given the chance to exploit it, many would choose to do so. But it's important to understand that this is the reality we are dealing with. 

What can you do to protect  your business?

Fortunately, the solution is easier than you may think.

You need to centralize your data, and meaning you must get it under the control of IT. This means eliminating “shadow IT’ at all costs. The trick is to first figure out where your data is living in your company (across your servers, cloud drives and devices). Then, you need to figure out who has access to it. And finally, you need to set firm access controls access so that the information cannot be lifted.

It’s a big job, and chances are likely you don’t have much spare time to devote to the process. It’s a lot easier, though, with the help of a managed cybersecurity provider like Apex Technology Services—premier computer consultants serving greater New York City and beyond.

To learn more about how Apex can protect your business, click here

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