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March 28, 2017

Study Shows Most Android Users Running Outdated Security Patches

For some time now, your business has allowed users to bring their own mobile devices into the workplace. Your employees are now using smartphones, tablets and phablets to access important files on a daily basis. And since these devices are employee-owned, your workers are expected to keep them updated with the latest software patches. That’s the agreement.

So, you're not going to like this…

According to a recent study, 71 percent of Android phones on the five major U.S. Carriers have not yet been patched with the latest security updates. This means that 71 percent of Android users are easy targets for hackers. And according to the Android security team, about half of devices in use at the end of 2016 had not received a platform security update in the previous year.

It’s yet another example as to why employees cannot be trusted to keep up with cybersecurity maintenance. The vast majority are either unaware, or unconcerned, about bringing security threats into a business setting. It’s just not something they pay attention to.

Apex Technology Services can work with your business to set up a mobile device management (MDM) program that aligns with your business’s needs. It’s an easy way to ensure that your business stays in line with industry best practices, as well as regulations like HIPAA, SOX, FINRA and PCI DSS compliance. With an MDM policy set in place, you can continue allowing your employees to use their own devices  at work without having to worry about compromising your organization.

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A new breed of hacktrepeneurs has awoken and they have little to fear and everything to gain by infecting as many companies as possible and extorting money from them. Apex Technology Services stands ready to protect your company regardless of whether it’s located in New York CityWhite Plains, New York; Connecticut; Australia; Europe; or anywhere else. Our full suite of cybersecurity and IT support services is at your disposal, enabling you to spend less time worrying about and more time growing your business.

To ensure your security, consider one of our most popular services — Auditing & Documentationwhich pinpoints vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, process flow and internal security procedures.

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