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Study Shows Executives Are Taking Cloud Computing Risks Seriously

By: Larry Szebeni    6/30/2014

Right now an increasing number of businesses are adopting cloud technology for the purposes of streamlining efficiencies and saving money. But is the …

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Report: Managed IT to Boast 9.42% CAGR Through 2018

By: Nik Poljak    6/23/2014

As businesses continue to seek creative ways to reduce costs and optimize IT, many are turning toward managed service providers to take the reins of t…

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Infonetics: Business VoIP Market to Reach $38B by 2018

By: Nik Poljak    6/16/2014

The market for VoIP telephony and unified communications-which included managed, cloud and SIP trunking services in both business and residential sect…

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Extend the Life of Your IT Hardware with Managed IT Services

By: Justin Verrastro    6/9/2014

When Derek Jeter comes up to bat in the ninth inning, you know his bat is free of cracks. And his cleats won't break when he runs out of the batter's …

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Study Shows 61 Percent of IT Leaders Are Choosing Managed Service Providers

By: Nik Poljak    6/3/2014

Many IT decision makers are in agreement: It's worth their while to put the oversight and management of their computing infrastructure in the hands of…

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One Out of Four Businesses Affected by a Disaster Fail to Reopen

By: Justin Verrastro    5/30/2014

Did you know that according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, one out of four businesses affected by a disaster fails to reopen?

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Internet Explorer's Security Vulnerability and Windows XP

By: Justin Verrastro    5/19/2014

It's been only a little over a month since Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP support, and already we're seeing a security flaw in Internet Explo…

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New Study Shows Increase of Data Breaches in Q1 2014

By: Larry Szebeni    5/13/2014

Digital security experts agree: Data breaches are getting worse on the Web, and show no sign of slowing down any time soon. According to the SafeNet B…

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Five Months After Data Breach, Target CEO Steps Down

By: Justin Verrastro    5/5/2014

Five months ago, Target, one of the country's largest retailers, announced that the sensitive data belonging to up to 110 million of its customers had…

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In the Wake of Snowden, Many Decision Makers Believe Their Data Might Not Be Safe

By: Nik Poljak    4/29/2014

Following former contractor Edward Snowden's announcement last year that the National Security Agency (NSA) was engaging in cyber-surveillance on a wi…

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CryptoDefense: Nasty Ransomware, but Don't Panic about It

By: Nik Poljak    4/21/2014

Have you heard of CryptoDefense? It's the recently released ransomware that locks up Windows-based computers and encrypts the files contained therein,…

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What You Need to Know about 'Heartbleed'

By: Justin Verrastro    4/15/2014

A serious security flaw embedded in a software library used by a plethora of websites that encrypts sensitive communications was detected last week. "…

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Top Three Reasons to go Local for IT Outsourcing

By: Larry Szebeni    4/14/2014

Benefits like significantly slashed costs, increased operational efficiency and 24x7x365 support have made IT outsourcing an unbelievably attractive a…

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North American Colocation and Managed Hosting Services Market is Poised to Grow

By: Nik Poljak    4/7/2014

Right now, IT managers everywhere are searching for solutions to reduce CAPEX and OPEX in the enterprise data center without sacrificing performance o…

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Report: Businesses Are Struggling to Test their Disaster Recovery Plans

By: Larry Szebeni    3/31/2014

The importance of disaster recovery cannot be overstated. In addition to the hefty sums of income businesses stand to lose should their systems be kno…

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Five Tips for Choosing a Managed Service Provider

By: Larry Szebeni    3/17/2014

Seeing how the global managed services market is set to grow from $142.75 billion in 2013 to $256.05 billion by 2018-a CAGR of 12.4 percent, according…

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How Managed Service Providers Can Transform Healthcare Providers

By: Larry Szebeni    3/11/2014

As a large scale healthcare provider, it can be difficult to gauge exactly where your business will be in the future. While the average large-sized ho…

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Despite 30% Market Share, Windows XP Support Ends April 8

By: Larry Szebeni    3/10/2014

For the past 12 years, Microsoft has provided support for the Windows XP operating system. But that era is coming to an end on April 8 as the company …

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Report: Global Cloud Computing Market to Hit $158.8B this Year

By: Larry Szebeni    3/3/2014

Seeking cost savings and the increased functionality necessary to navigate today's fast-paced business world, companies are increasingly adopting clou…

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