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Why Your Business Needs to Be Afraid of Its Own 'Shadow'

By: Larry Szebeni    11/3/2014

Your business is in the process of integrating several new bleeding-edge cloud applications into its core infrastructure. These applications are strea…

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So Your Network Went Down. How Long Will It Take You To Restore It?

By: Nik Poljak    10/27/2014

Your network crashed this morning, meaning you have been searching all day for the exact cause and location of the error. Unfortunately, you still can…

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Virtualization with Managed IT Services

By: Justin Verrastro    10/20/2014

You are considering virtualizing your data center's servers to reduce operational expenses and cut down on floor space. But virtualization is a comple…

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So, You Think Your Network Is Safe from Hackers? Think Again

By: Nik Poljak    10/14/2014

Your company has become almost completely reliant on the Web for the majority of its critical business operations. It uses the Web to process customer…

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JP Morgan Cyberattack Among Largest Data Heists to Date

By: Justin Verrastro    10/6/2014

At least 76 million households and 7 million small businesses were compromised during this summer's cyber attack on JPMorgan Chase. This makes the att…

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Shellshock: The Latest Digital Security Threat You Need to Know

By: Larry Szebeni    9/29/2014

A new digital security vulnerability has been identified which some experts feel is an even bigger threat than the recent Heartbleed bug.

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Beware of Do-It-Yourself Network Stress Tests

By: Larry Szebeni    9/22/2014

Recently, Facebook ran an experiment to test the resiliency of its core network. The company shut down an entire data center to see whether its emerge…

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Home Depot in Hot Water Following Recent Data Breach

By: Justin Verrastro    9/16/2014

Not even the Home Depot will have the necessary tools for rebuilding its brand image following a recent data breach that may have exposed information …

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Do You Have a BYOD Policy? If Not, We Can Help

By: Nik Poljak    9/8/2014

In today's economy, businesses across all verticals are forced to figure out how to be more productive with fewer resources.

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Celebrity Photo Heist Serves as a Reminder of the Importance of Digital Security

By: Larry Szebeni    9/3/2014

Over Labor Day weekend, the private accounts of a variety of celebrities-including actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton-were infiltrated by …

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Are These BYOD Issues Threatening Your Enterprise?

By: Larry Szebeni    8/26/2014

Your business lets employees access its core network using a variety of mobile devices. But are you taking appropriate security measures for this priv…

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Report: 4.5 Million Records Stolen in Latest Hospital Data Breach

By: Nik Poljak    8/19/2014

As a sign of the times, not even the sick are safe from the greedy hands of hackers. Recently, it was reported that cybercriminals broke into the Comm…

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Report: Managed Security Services to Boast 15.4% CAGR Between 2013 and 2019

By: Justin Verrastro    8/11/2014

Most companies aren't in the business of ensuring that fortified security mechanisms are in place in their technological infrastructures. Rather, thei…

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Three Signs a Managed Services Provider is Right for You

By: Larry Szebeni    8/4/2014

Before you outsource your data management to a private cloud provider, you need to think about how much IT support you are looking for.

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Are You Getting As Much Productivity as Possible from Your Data Center?

By: Justin Verrastro    7/29/2014

Since every penny in your IT budget counts, it's important to make sure you are getting the most mileage from the resources that you invest in your da…

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Study Shows Virtualization Market will Continue to Grow

By: Larry Szebeni    7/21/2014

Virtualization has become one of the hottest new trends in IT. In fact, a new study from Reportstack shows the global virtualization services market w…

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Authorities Put an End to 'Leceptex' Botnet

By: Justin Verrastro    7/14/2014

Right now all of the talk in Greece is centered on the shutdown of its public sector. But another shutdown quietly made headlines last week when polic…

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Here's What to Look for in a Managed Service Provider

By: Nik Poljak    7/7/2014

The market for managed services continues to explode, as business owners find ways to optimize their operations while concurrently reducing costs. Tha…

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The Growing Threat to Business Computer Systems

By: APEX Contributing Writer    7/3/2014

Greenwich seminar to help local businesses prepare for latest technology threats and challenges.

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Study Shows Executives Are Taking Cloud Computing Risks Seriously

By: Larry Szebeni    6/30/2014

Right now an increasing number of businesses are adopting cloud technology for the purposes of streamlining efficiencies and saving money. But is the …

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