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October 10, 2016

IAEA Director Confirms Cyber Disruption at Nuclear Power Plant

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) — the nuclear watchdog for the United Nations — made an alarming announcement today: At some point in the past, a nuclear power plant was successfully hit with a disruptive cyberattack.

Details surrounding the attack — which happened two to three years ago — are nebulous. The IAEA has not released any specific information about where the attack took place, or how it was deployed.

What we do know is that the affected plant remained up and running following the incident.  The attack was controlled and mitigated in a timely manner. No destruction was caused.

Security experts maintain that successfully blowing up a nuclear reactor would beyond the capabilities of a militant group. The nuclear industry, however, does have many security vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Moving forward, it is imperative that nuclear facilities bolster their defenses to avoid further incidents. 

There is no guarantee that a future attack could be managed as effectively.

Cybercriminals today have easy access to cheap, sophisticated and destructive tools. Two of these tools include botnets, which can be used to launch distributed denial of service attacks, and ransomware — a type of malware that can restrict access to a computer or certain files.  

“This is not an imaginary risk,” IAEA Director Yukia Amano stated, adding that the issue of cyber —and military — attacks on nuclear-related facilities or activities must be taken very seriously.

The IAEA is doing its part to increase safety across global nuclear facilities. Since 2010, the agency has trained more than 10,000 people in nuclear security. It has also distributed more than 3,000 instruments for detecting nuclear and radioactive material.

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