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Cybersecurity Certification

Apex Cybersecurity Compliance Certification for Law Firms

What is Cybersecurity Compliance?

The Apex Cybersecurity Compliance Certification is provided to firms who meet our stringent requirements. These standards are derived from our group cybersecurity experience, which draws upon best practices from FINRA, the FCC, HIPAA, NIST and the FBI. Specifically, the certification consists of the following areas of focus. IT infrastructure, penetration testing, network anomaly detection and internal procedures.

Who is Apex Technology Services?

Apex provides IT and cybersecurity services to companies as large as the Fortune 200 as well as many medical, financial, law and other professional services firms. The executive, management, and staff of Apex has decades of real-world technology and cybersecurity experience.

Why do Law Firms Need the Apex Cybersecurity Certification?

Information security is becoming one of the most crucial factors determining whether a customer will trust your firm with their confidential information. Law firms are attractive targets. They hold sensitive, confidential data ranging from the personal (divorce, personal injury) to the professional (contract negotiations, trade secrets, mergers and acquisitions, financial data and more) that, if compromised, could cause catastrophic damage both to the firm and its clients. The Wall Street Journal reported that hackers broke into the networks of two of the nation’s most prestigious firms, Cravath Swaine & Moore and Weil Gotshal & Manges, in 2015.

The #PanamaPapers breach where Mossack Fonseca had 11.5 million of its client’s documents stolen will forever highlight the importance of showing clients your firm has taken steps to be more cybersecure.

To date, there is no single trusted certification of cybersecurity approval which customers and auditors can use to determine if your law firm is adhering to best practices.

What does the certification specifically provide?

The Apex Cybersecurity Compliance Certification will inspect, audit and document your IT and workplace environment for general vulnerabilities based up best practices. Please inquire for full details.

The Apex Cybersecurity Certification certifies your firm conforms to best cybersecurity practices based upon our knowledge and expertise. It is not a guarantee of any kind and does not certify that your systems are impenetrable.

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