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August 22, 2016

On-site Support

In a perfect world, computer systems would work perfectly all the time. But this is not a perfect world, and computers require constant attention. They break easily, and often require repairs.

Most of the time, computer issues can be solved over the phone with the help of a support technician.  

Sometimes, however, if the problem is too complex, a technician will need to be dispatched to for on-site assistance.

Here at Apex Technology Services, premier IT consultants serving Fairfield County, New York City, New Jersey and beyond, we offer both phone support and on-site assistance for our customers. With our help, you will benefit from having a technician on standby whenever he or she is needed. And you won’t have to pay that person a full time salary!  

What types of situations typically require on-site support? Your printer system may get knocked offline, requiring a manual network inspection to get it back up and running. A technician may be able to remotely monitor your network and identify a possible cause, but it could require a deeper investigation if the problem is not clearly visible.

Or, one of your computers may get infected with ransomware—a type of malware which locks the computer or encrypts certain files until a ransom is paid. In this case, a technician will need to manually wipe the computer in person.

On-site support may also be required for identifying and fixing broken cables, or when installing and configuring complex network devices.  

We recommend that you avoid attempting do it yourself computer repairs and installations. First and foremost, you are busy and may not have the time to devote to a lengthy computer project. You may also risk making a problem worse, and inadvertently drive up the cost and time to repair. A service technician will be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

So the first thing you should do when you run into a computer issue is to pick up the phone and contact our help desk. A customer service agent will connect you with a technician who will walk you through a resolution process. No problem is too big or small.

Our customers range from doctors offices with a  few computers to Fortune 200 companies with active financial trading as well as alternative investment companies whose networks have to be operating perfectly at all times.

If the problem cannot be solved, or if it is an emergency, the call will be quickly escalated and solved using on-site support. A certified engineer will be sent to your business as quickly as possible.

Our on-site support packages are flexible, so that you can pick a plan that aligns with your needs. You can purchase on-site support in blocks of time (meaning engineers will visit your site regularly to perform maintenance), or just when it is needed. It all depends on what you need.

For more information about Apex’s on-site support services, contact us today.

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