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August 22, 2016

IT Consultant

Economist Michael Porter was once quoted as saying that the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

This quote is especially true when applied to information technology (IT). Businesses have an endless amount of technologies available to choose from. Selecting the right product or strategy is not always easy.

For instance, your organization may be wrestling with questions about cloud migration, virtualization, cabinet density, efficiency, cost reduction and power waste—to name a few. And chances are likely that everyone on your board has conflicting opinions on these matters. 

An IT consultant, like Apex Technology Services of Norwalk, Connecticut, can help make the IT decision- making process easier.

What does an IT consultant do? In short, it will advise your company on how to use IT to meet its business goals. An IT consultant will both guide your organization, and execute across all areas of the IT implementation process.

For example, you may tell your IT consultant that you want to migrate to the cloud. The IT consultant will then analyze your business in order to determine whether a public, private or hybrid cloud model is a best fit for your organization. By using an IT consultant, you will avoid making the wrong decision which could potentially drive up costs and lead to unforeseen risks and complications.

In another example, suppose your business is hit with a devastating malware attack (like ransomware). An IT consultant will walk you through the resolution process. The company will help to rid your network of malware, and then take appropriate precautions to prevent further intrusions.

What’s more, an IT consultant can serve as an expert resource when buying new IT solutions. Imagine a vendor contacts you about upgrading to a new network switch. An IT consultant will be able to analyze your current model and advise you on whether it makes sense to upgrade or whether it would be a giant waste of money.

As you can see, an IT consultant is an invaluable technology asset. It will help to make the IT landscape much easier to understand. And it will help ensure that your business is on track using the best network possible, at all times.

Now, the big question: Can you actually afford an IT consultant on your limited budget?

The answer is yes.

First and foremost, consider the costs that can arise if you don’t use an IT consultant. If you buy the wrong type of network equipment, or suffer from a data breach from a security flaw that went undiscovered, you could wind up paying much more in the long run.

In one case we had a call from a new customer who was hit with a virus and had no backups because there wasn’t anyone in the office ensuring they were being done. Once we removed the virus, we worked on updating the backup solution so the company could get back to work if something happened to their computers or data. There was a great deal of downtime which a consultant could have helped avoid.

In another instance, a company called us after their server failed. When we tried to restore from backup we realized based on the volume of data it would take a week to retrieve it all. The vendor they had chosen could not expedite a hard drive overnight. Asa result the company lost the revenue associated with a week of work.

A consultant with experience helps avoid these minefields before they hurt your business.

Apex also offers flexible packages that will align with your budget. You can select exactly what your business needs.

So pick up the phone and contact Apex today to learn more information!

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