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September 30, 2016

Virus Removal

A computer virus is a malicious type of code that can damage a computer, destroy its data and change the way it operates. Viruses, along with other types of harmful software like worms and spyware, are commonly referred to as malware.

Viruses are one of the oldest forms of malware. They have been around since the early 1980s, before the proliferation of the Internet. Viruses have evolved greatly since then, and today they remain a top threat to business networks.

One of the earliest and most interesting books on hackers and tracking them down – a real spy story – is the Cuckoo’s Egg, named for a bird who deposits its egg in the nest of another bird. In a similar manner, some of the earliest hackers deposited malware on a server which ran at a later date. This technique is still used today. 

A virus is difficult to contain because it can replicate itself and spread onto another computer. A machine can become infected when an end user connects to a virus-laden device. A virus can also spread digitally, as links or downloadable attachments.

Computer viruses can be notoriously difficult to detect and eradicate. Commercial or business- grade antivirus software can help, but it can also provide a false sense of security. Some types of viruses can run silently in the background or even evade detection.

It’s important to realize that computer viruses are still being circulated around the Web. They are a dangerous security threat, and need to be taken seriously. Business websites can also become infected with viruses, which can infect customers.

One popular way if doing so is SQL injection.

In addition, a virus can spread using phishing or spear phishing tactics. Or, it can lurk in a document like a PDF.

For this reason, it’s generally recommended that amateurs avoid virus removal. The process should be left to a cybersecurity expert who knows where to look for viruses and how to remove them.

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