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September 30, 2016

Computer Technician

A computer technician is an IT professional who helps businesses overcome technology-related challenges. These challenges can include computer repair, network troubleshooting, hardware installations, cybersecurity and more.

Computer technicians are different from in-house IT workers in that they typically work for third-party managed service providers (MSPs), technology firms or computer repair companies. Technicians are the same, however, in that they are trained, certified experts who can help with many different technology-related initiatives. So they can offer the same level of technology-related knowledge and insight.

Why would a business choose to utilize a technician through a third-party computer support service? It’s an affordable and flexible way to receive IT help. Technicians are typically available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. They are available long after IT workers go home.

Here is how the issue resolution process typically works when consulting with a computer technician:

First, you would call a phone number or send an email stating your problem. Many technicians are also available via live chat over the Internet.

A technician will offer step–by-step assistance, to help resolve the issue. If a technician is unable to resolve the problem, he or she would then deploy an engineer for onsite assistance.

Computer technicians, it should be noted, provide computer help for all types of organizations across the public and private sector. They work with large companies, and small ones. 

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