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NY and CT Business Could be Hurt as White House Eliminates Cybersecurity Role

By: Rich Tehrani    5/17/2018

NY and CT Business Could be Hurt as White House Eliminates Cybersecurity Role

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Government Issues Another Crucial Ransomware Warning

By: Rich Tehrani    4/9/2018

The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center or NCCIC has observed an increase in ransomware attacks across the world. The FBI iss…

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New York Cybersecurity Rules Go Into Effect Next Week

By: Rich Tehrani    2/22/2018

Last year we covered Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies (FFIEC): What You Need to Know, a detailed cybersecurity strategy dir…

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Cybersecurity: A Top Theme at ITEXPO 2018

By: Rich Tehrani    2/21/2018

If there was one thing that just about everyone was talking about at ITEXPO in Ft. Lauderdale last week, it was cybersecurity. This topic came up repe…

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Hackers Are Now Intercepting Ransomware Payments

By: Rich Tehrani    1/31/2018

For years, we have been cautioning our readers against making ransomware payments after an infection. The top reasons are that you don't know what kin…

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5 Questions to Ask Your IT Team

By: Rich Tehrani    1/25/2018

Executives often tell me that one of the hardest things about running a company these days is staying informed about the rapidly-changing technology l…

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Hospital Pays $55,000 to Hackers After Ransomware Infection

By: Rich Tehrani    1/17/2018

Stop and think about what a hospital could do with $55,000 of disposable income. This money could be given to families who cannot afford medical treat…

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New York's Cybersecurity Skills Shortage to be Helped by NYU

By: Rich Tehrani    1/11/2018

New York may be the world's largest target for crooks, cybertheives, hackers, nation-states looking to damage the U.S. and script-kiddies leveraging o…

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Four More Data Breaches to Know

By: Justin Verrastro    1/4/2018

Just last week, we announced that cybercrime will get worse this year. Now, less than a week into 2018, it's safe to say our prediction is coming true…

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Are Your Own Employees Putting Your Data at Risk?

By: Larry Szebeni    1/2/2018

Every employee in your company has an important role to play in preventing a data breach. Unfortunately, some employees may not be taking cybersecurit…

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Cybercrime Will Get Worse in 2018

By: Rich Tehrani    12/29/2017

We are reaching a tipping point in the global cybercrime epidemic.

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Two More Data Breaches Announced

By: Larry Szebeni    12/27/2017

If you thought we would make it through 2017 without any more data breach announcements, you were mistaken.

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How Much Do You Value Your Business's Critical Data?

By: Rich Tehrani    12/22/2017

With so much attention surrounding cybersecurity today, you would think that most global business leaders would be on the same page about protecting t…

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You Won't Believe How Many Healthcare Providers Reported Cyberattacks

By: Rich Tehrani    12/12/2017

The healthcare industry will remain a magnet for cybercrime in 2018. Things are bad and getting worse by the day for providers.

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Is Your Business Aligned with Connecticut's Cybersecurity Strategy?

By: Rich Tehrani    12/7/2017

This past summer, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy made headlines when he announced the release of the Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy.

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Think Twice Before Trying to Bury a Data Breach

By: Larry Szebeni    12/1/2017

Uber is now facing significant public outcry after news recently broke that the company allegedly covered up a data breach of 57 million people for mo…

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Cybercrime is Getting Worse by the Day. Is Your Business Prepared?

By: Rich Tehrani    11/29/2017

I recently spoke with the owner of a large business who wanted to know about the forecast for cybercrime in 2018. Will next year be any different, or …

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