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January 02, 2018

Are Your Own Employees Putting Your Data at Risk?

Every employee in your company has an important role to play in preventing a data breach. Unfortunately though, some employees may not be taking cybersecurity as seriously as they should.

In a recent study, for instance, almost all office workers admitted to conducting at least one action that could generate a potential data breach which is terrifying to think about. 99 percent of office workers have committed one possibly dangerous action that could lead to a cybersecurity incident.

Consider this: 96 percent of workers automatically save passwords on their work computer. 57 percent store work files on their desktop or in folders. And 42 percent use a personal password for business apps.

Here are some other shocking findings: 

  • 24 percent of employees recycle login credentials between personal and work accounts;
  • 23 percent of employees automatically save login credentials for work on their home computer, and;
  • 34 percent store work data on personal storage services.

So as you assess your cybersecurity strategy for 2018, remember that there is no substitute for employee cybersecurity training. You can invest in cutting-edge security technologies and hire experts and consultants, but none of it will matter if your employees continue to have poor cybersecurity hygiene.

Through comprehensive training, you can work towards building a strong cybersecurity culture or one that values security as much as it does productivity.

Apex Technology Services can provide your business with all of the resources it needs to stay safe online, ranging from training to real-time threat detection and analysis.

Here are some of the areas all organizations looking to promote a cybersecurity culture need to focus on.

1.    Cybersecurity training must be done regularly.

2.    Auditing and documentation must be performed regularly to ensure systems are secure.

3.    Anomaly detection should be running constantly to detect threats as they emerge.

4.    Penetration testing shows if systems can easily be reached from the outside. Here is a case where this test might have saved two company’s’ reputations from being destroyed.

5.    Network forensics for when a breach eventually occurs. The bad guys always seem to get in eventually.

6.    An action plan to follow when a breach does occur. Once it happens, few will have the clear heads needed to “wing it” correctly. Equifax botched it’s response in what is being called a PR catastrophe.

To ensure your organization is safe – even if you have internal IT, hire an experienced MSP or MSSP like Apex Technology Services.

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