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June 13, 2013

How Video Surveillance Can Benefit Your Business

If someone were to ask you how video surveillance can benefit your business, you might respond with something along the lines of how it would help identify someone who committed a crime… which is true. But, the benefits of utilizing a video surveillance system don’t stop there.

As the equipment necessary to operate a sophisticated, high-quality, versatile video surveillance system becomes more affordable, business owners are realizing the positive economic impact such a system can have on their business. In addition to serving the purpose of providing surveillance, here are some more ways cameras can help your company:

  • Increase productivity: With employees knowing that the cameras are rolling, they’ll be sure to work more efficiently and treat customers appropriately.
  • Provide an accurate portrayal: Should a conflict ever arise—say someone threatens to sue your company because they slipped on ice outside, even though you’re sure you salted appropriately and removed the ice—a video surveillance system will capture events precisely as they occur.
  • Serve as a deterrent: Sure, some people will commit transgressions whether cameras are present or not. But for every perpetrator, there has to be at least a few people who would see a surveillance system and think twice about following through on their thoughts.
  • Allow you to monitor your business remotely: With the advent of IP cameras—which transmit video data over the Internet—business owners can monitor their premises from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

With tightened budgets and employees stretched in many different directions, more and more businesses are outsourcing their IT needs and relying on onsite IT support when problems with their technological infrastructure arise. Contracting an onsite IT support provider means that should there ever be a problem with your surveillance systems, a trained professional will arrive on scene and quickly remedy the problem. You only need to worry about what the cameras capture and can leave the technology part of the system to someone who knows it better.

Apex Technology Services, an onsite IT support provider, has extensive experience installing and maintaining video surveillance systems of the highest quality. To learn more about how Apex can assist in providing your business with a video surveillance solution, click here.

Edited by Justin Reynolds

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