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June 14, 2013

The Importance of a Fresh Web Site

You’ve been there before: visiting a company’s website that appears to have not been updated since the 1990s. With more and more commerce taking place online each year, you can’t help but wonder where a company’s priorities are if it is neglecting its web presence. We all know what happened to Borders in 2011; part of the reason the company went under was because it failed to adapt to an ever-increasing web-based world. 

In order to stay relevant in today’s business climate, you’ve got to have a strong web presence, which means you’ve got to have a website that is current and pleasing to the eye. Content might be king, but perhaps equally as important is the platform through which that content is delivered. A strong website builds brand awareness and helps customers learn about the products and services you offer. Those customers will be a captive audience, so it’s important you grab their attention and maintain it as quickly and strongly as you can.

But your expertise certainly isn’t in web design. And no one on your team is an authority on the subject either. So how do you go about revamping your website and moving your business forward?

When one thinks of IT consulting, he or she might not think web design falls under that umbrella. And in most cases, it doesn’t. But Apex Technology Services is different. In addition to offering the standard IT consulting packaging—setting up and maintaining computing infrastructure, figuring out best practices and running systems as efficiently as possible—Apex is unique in the fact that it offers web design production as well.

Whether you want to contract Apex for an entire IT consulting package or just want it to help spruce up your website is up to you. To learn more about the company’s web design packages, click here.

Edited by Justin Reynolds

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