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June 19, 2013

Technology Companies Rapidly Embracing Managed Services

Technology businesses see extraordinary room for growth in becoming managed service providers, according to recently released research by 2112. Of the companies that were surveyed, 80 percent said they currently offered managed services and 60 percent said that providing such services gives their businesses the greatest potential for sales opportunities over the course of the next three years. Those business owners preferred managed services to security, networking, virtualization, storage and cloud computing, according to the survey. Furthermore, 75 percent of those surveyed said providing managed services is the area where there is the most growth investment.

What’s the reasoning behind all that?

Managed service providers give companies that contract them the flexibility and financial versatility necessary to succeed in today’s business world. By freeing up an already stretched IT staff and instead allowing professionals to maintain and monitor computing infrastructure, a managed service provider allows business owners to focus their assets on more important matters so they can meet their business objectives.

In addition to freeing up physical assets like employees, a managed service provider also helps businesses save money in a variety of ways—something undoubtedly attractive to organizations of all sizes. These professionals know the equipment your company relies on, so should any problems arise, they can easily be fixed. When your computers are down, your business is losing money. Those who know the systems inside and out can monitor your systems and see and fix problems before they occur, keeping your business online and making money.

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Edited by Justin Reynolds

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