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June 26, 2013

Businesses are Poised to Continue Adopting VoIP Technology

With the recent hype surrounding the National Security Agency’s surveillance of American citizens, the security and efficiency of communication is now a paramount concern for businesses nationwide. In the face of these fears, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) may be the smartest move for companies, especially as the workplace goes increasingly mobile.

Thirty-five percent of the worldwide workforce is expected to be mobile-based by the end of 2013, and VoIP via mobile would certainly complement this shift. VoIP technology works over data connections that mobile phones are already employing, and thus eliminate the need for separate phone lines in the office—and the costs associated with them.

Recent data also shows that 96 percent of people believe their productivity would increase with increased flexibility. VoIP technology is one way to provide that flexibility, as employees are able to complete tasks via mobile devices at hours most convenient to them.

In addition to these benefits, VoIP holds up amidst the recent concerns over communication security. Since VoIP is transmitted over the Internet, its information is broken down into packets that are often encrypted, as opposed to the electrical signals of a traditional phone call. Thus, VoIP calls may be safer from intrusion. Indeed, a third of businesses have already embraced this security by employing VoIP in the office, and the technology enjoys an increased presence in hospitals and the military as well.

The conveniences of VoIP may make it an inevitable shift in the mobile workplace, and Apex Technology Services is a leading managed service provider that offers a variety of VoIP solutions. For more information on these solutions, click here.

Edited by Justin Reynolds

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