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September 03, 2013

Managed Service Providers Help Businesses Save Money and Resources

You need resources in order to compete. And you need as many as you can get.

That’s why if you’re a business owner in Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, Darien, Fairfield or Manhattan, you should consider a partnership with Apex Technology Services. Located in Fairfield County, Conn., and with decades of experience building and maintaining the technological infrastructure necessary to power businesses, Apex is the perfect, local managed service provider (MSP) that will help your company move into the future.

Companies are increasingly moving into the cloud. According to recent research, 76 percent of senior finance executives believe that the cloud will be crucial as their organizations consider their strategic plans over the next 12 to 18 months.

Because more than 70 percent of IT budgets are spent on operations and management, acquiring the services of a MSP will undoubtedly save your business money. Shifting the management of your IT needs into the cloud frees up money that businesses can then turn around and invest elsewhere. Recent research indicates that 13 percent of businesses that shifted to managed services were able to trim more than 50 percent from the IT expenditures, while 33 percent paid 25 to 50 percent less and half of them reduced their IT expenditures by up to 25 percent.

More than half of companies that have yet to migrate to the cloud express concern over the safety of their data. According to a recent survey, 90 percent of IT managers said they lack confidence in their companies’ ability to detect problems. With remote management software on each supported device and continuously monitored servers, Apex’s network monitoring services keep systems optimized and secure. That means you shouldn’t be worried about the security of your data—Apex will make sure it’s safe.

To learn more about why Apex Technology Service would be the right MSP for your company, click here.

Edited by Justin Reynolds

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