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October 07, 2013

Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Your organization cannot function without the flow of its mission critical data. For this reason, uptime is not a luxury—it is a necessity. So, what would happen to your enterprise if a major hurricane were to cause severe damage to your data center? Or if an earthquake rattled the town? If your company cannot survive even a few minutes of downtime or latency, a catastrophe could spell serious trouble.

Right now, however, only 54 percent of U.S. businesses have a reliable plan for recovering information within 24 hours of a catastrophe. The amount of financial loss that this much downtime could entail is enough to send many businesses straight to bankruptcy.

By outsourcing to a hosted cloud service provider, your business will gain the necessary services for being insured against disasters at all times. This includes features such as virtualization, complete image-based backup and site replication services. If your hardware is destroyed, there will be no reason to worry about losing any sensitive information due to the fact that data will be backed up and easily recoverable. Simply put, it doesn’t get lost.  

Customers who decide to outsource their IT needs will also receive access to both on-site and escalation support, as well as monthly maintenance and real-time monitoring of networks and computers. This way, if something goes wrong during day to day operations, it will not go unnoticed and snowball into a larger problem.

While every company should have a disaster recovery plan built into monthly maintenance procedures, by outsourcing to a hosted cloud provider, all risks are drastically reduced. Apex Technology Services has all of the IT support necessary for backing up digital information and preventing catastrophes before they happen. For more information on how Apex can provide disaster recovery services for your enterprise, please click here.

Edited by Justin Reynolds

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