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November 12, 2013

Top Three Tips for Easing the Transition to Managed IT Services

These days, more and more organizations are starting to realize the benefits of switching managed IT services over to a hosted provider. In fact, recent research indicates that 60 percent of CIOs now believe that cloud computing is their number one IT priority.

While the majority of CIOs are invested in cloud technology, many are currently on the fence about making the critical jump to a hosted cloud provider. Do you fall into this category? Here are some tips for easing the migration to the cloud and making the transition as seamless as possible in your enterprise:

It’s okay to surrender command of your IT equipment.

One of the biggest challenges that enterprises face when making the transition to the cloud is convincing individual departments to surrender control of IT equipment to a hosted cloud provider. Certain departments might be reluctant to lose proprietary command of applications and infrastructure and will be hesitant to and give way to a larger, shared cloud-based model. As IBM CIO Jeanette Horan explains, “You’ve got to get them to give up control.”

Don’t move everything at once; start small and grow.

It is important to remember that you are already using the cloud in many of your day-to-day operations. From the contacts that you store on your cell phone to the messages in your Outlook inbox, a good portion of your business already uses cloud technology without you even knowing it. For instance, you probably do not store all of your emails on an individual server. Therefore, the next step in easing the migration to the cloud is to gradually increase the amount of services until you are completely scaled and fully integrated with a hosted cloud provider.

Make sure your plan is flexible and scalable.

While you might have a vague idea of where your business will be in five years, things change—and you do not want to be stuck with infrastructure or cloud services that are incapable of growing with you. Make sure that you choose a plan that is customized to fit into your business agenda and needs as you grow. This holds true whether you are a large or small business.

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Edited by Justin Reynolds

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