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December 16, 2013

Ease Your Team's Workload with Managed IT Services

The IT department is without question one of the hardest working ones within any given enterprise. That isn’t to say that other departments are sitting pretty, but business owners are looking to capitalize on the rising advancement of Web technology and IT teams are feeling the heat as a result. As companies decide to broaden their technological horizons and as IT requirements continue to grow at a rapid pace, IT personnel are faced with the need to meet and exceed expectations.

One way to help ease the heavy workload of IT teams is with managed IT services, or outsourcing. Outsourcing portions of existing IT services to a third-party provider has been proven to make a drastic and quantifiable difference in how things get done.

Many businesses are elevating their awareness of the importance of managed services. In fact, the global managed services market is slated to top $256 billion by 2018, according to recent research from MarketsandMarkets. With managed IT services, companies can:

  • Strengthen their existing IT team: Outsourcing ultimately gives your IT team the opportunity to grow, expand and tap into a world of experience that was previously unattainable.
  • Cut down on long-term expenses: Trying to resolve problems that require an outside party’s help will only tack on costs. An outsourcer can nip those problems in the bud and in doing so save your company on huge costs down the road.
  • Meet specific or unique IT needs: It’s okay to admit that your IT team may need some help. An outsourcer who boasts specific expertise in something your company needs can be just what you need.

According to that same research, managed service providers can reduce IT costs by up to 30 to 40 percent. Even more, the specialized experience of a managed service provider can boost operational efficiency by as much as 50 to 60 percent. Click here to learn more about managed IT services and how such services can help your business succeed.

Edited by Justin Reynolds

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