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February 03, 2014

Survey Shows Midsize Businesses Have the Most to Gain from the Cloud

These days, businesses of all sizes are charged with the task of doing more while spending less. Because of this, many companies are migrating to the cloud and employing managed service providers to take care of their IT needs. Such providers oversee a business’ computing infrastructure, freeing up valuable resources that can then be reinvested into more mission-critical components of a company.

According to a recent survey conducted by The Aberdeen Group, medium-sized businesses—those that have the same IT demands as large enterprises but are staffed with ever-decreasing IT staffs—stand to benefit the most from leveraging the cloud. Additionally, medium-sized businesses suffer more from escalating IT costs, the inflexibility of their infrastructure and the difficulty of maximizing their return on investment than both their small and larger counterparts.

After migrating to the cloud, medium-sized businesses said they benefited from a better response to demand spikes, a reduced number of storage devices and a reduced number of computing devices more so than businesses of other sizes. What’s more, more than half of them indicated that they benefited from reduced operational costs from service, power and cooling, in addition to reduced management time.

By allowing them to minimize their IT problems while realizing a variety of benefits at the same time, managed service providers help alleviate the stresses many medium-sized businesses experience in today’s difficult economic climate. If you’re a business owner considering migrating to the cloud in order to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and optimize business processes, click here to learn more about how Apex Technology Services can help. 

Edited by Justin Reynolds

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