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February 10, 2014

Survey Says: MSP Outsourcing on the Rise

The data center is one of the most important parts of a properly functioning enterprise. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive—and it can be a real money pit for an organization if not managed properly. Due to the high cost of both capital and operational expenditures needed to keep a data center up and running, IT managers everywhere are now looking for ways of reducing expenses without affecting performance.

Now, companies everywhere are relying on managed service providers (MSPs) instead keeping operations in-house. In fact, a recent survey from JDL Technologies indicates that 40 percent of respondents will use MSPs in 2014. This is a rise of about four percent from its current state.

According to the survey, budgetary restrictions and an overall lack of time are main contributing factors leading to the spike in MSP outsourcing. Additionally, 73 percent of respondents cited a need to hire more IT staff while 68 percent claimed that MSPs enable existing IT staff to do more with allotted time and budget restrictions.

The survey also showed that IT managers and corporate executives are being extremely selective about who they choose to partner with. In fact, 86 percent of respondents claimed that price and reputation are among the leading contributors when selecting an MSP.

So, how will you select your MSP this year? For more information about how APEX can provide you with the hosted services that you need to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in your data canter, please click here

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