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February 18, 2014

Freeing Up Your Time with Managed Service Providers

A new trend is emerging within the IT space for 2014 and it can be summed up in two words: services-led strategies. More specifically, many are arguing that when looking to sharpen one’s IT strategy a managed service provider (MSP) plays a necessary role, especially for offering business owners and decision makers more time to carry out top initiatives and objectives. A brand new survey commissioned by Logicalis makes the case stunningly.

The survey found that approximately 73 percent of C-level executives are striving to spend at least half of their time focusing more on strategic activities and initiatives. However, 53 percent of them still spend the majority of their time overseeing day-to-day tech management.

It’s no surprise that C-level executives need to hone in on a variety of other high priority tasks and initiatives in order to move their companies forward, but they’re still being bogged down by things that could be easily administered by an MSP. Knowing this, IT decision makers are starting to lean more towards a services-led strategy to “realign from a technology-defined function to one that is services-defined” to help free up companies’ time, according to Daniel Sultana, Logicalis Australia managed services director.

Embracing a services-led strategy is becoming an IT standard and what Sultana calls a “crucial mandate” for the C-level suite. One huge IT trend worth noting for 2014 is that the utilization of external IT service providers for assisting internal teams with getting things done more productively and efficiently. To succeed, IT needs to reach a certain level of maturity and agility—something a managed service provider undoubtedly brings to the table.

Is a services-led strategy something you see in your company’s future? 

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