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March 11, 2014

How Managed Service Providers Can Transform Healthcare Providers

As a large scale healthcare provider, it can be difficult to gauge exactly where your business will be in the future. While the average large-sized hospital will increase at the rate of one facility per year, many hospitals are unpredictable when it comes to predicting growth factors. Take the Nova Medical Center, for instance, which is growing at the average rate.

When the time comes for expansion, businesses shouldn’t get held back by the confines of having to transfer a large, complex data center. Machinery is difficult to move, and transferring equipment from location to location is a difficult challenge that can affect network performance and drive up the cost of expansion considerably.

As a solution, outsourcing your data center operations to a hosted cloud model can save you time and money, and it can also increase flexibility in your enterprise. You will be able to expand where and when you need to with the knowledge that all of your company’s information will be stored in a safe, remote system of servers capable of delivering data to a location. It’s the difference between having upwards of 50 different data centers—each with their own laundry list of maintenance and demands—versus one data center complete with power redundancy, a dedicated staff of workers, disaster recovery solutions and network monitoring capabilities. 

For more information about how Apex Technology Services can provide your healthcare organization with all resources it needs to expand its network without breaking its budget, please click here.

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