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April 14, 2014

Top Three Reasons to go Local for IT Outsourcing

Benefits like significantly slashed costs, increased operational efficiency and 24x7x365 support have made IT outsourcing an unbelievably attractive alternative for companies looking for support, project management, network monitoring and online backup. It’s likely why the IT outsourcing market topped $288 billion in 2013 and is only growing faster, according to Gartner.

“This shift will continue as clients seek to reduce the nearly two-thirds of IT budgets devoted to operations,” adds Gartner Research VP Bryan Britz.

While IT outsourcers can optimally perform from anywhere around the world, considering the benefits of a local provider is well worth it. Here are three reasons why you should:

1.Meet your IT department in the flesh: While you know and trust your IT outsourcer (after all, that’s why you invested in their services in the first place), you want to pair this expertise and know-how with personal knowledge. With a local outsourcer, you can ask in-person questions during preliminary visits and know that they are just around the corner for site visits to fortify a strong and trusting working relationship.

2.Your provider can get on-site quickly if need be: It’s nice to be able to get know your IT outsourcer because they’re local, but it’s even better to know that they are just a hop, skip and a jump away from being on-premises if any problem needs to be rectified immediately.

3.Supporting the local business ecosystem: You could spend money on an IT outsourcer hundreds or thousands of miles away, but supporting a local business helps in turn support your local economy. Not only will you receive stronger and more personal service, but you can also rest assured knowing that you’re sustaining a thriving local economy, too.

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