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May 13, 2014

New Study Shows Increase of Data Breaches in Q1 2014

Digital security experts agree: Data breaches are getting worse on the Web, and show no sign of slowing down any time soon. According to the SafeNet BLI, over 200 million records were stolen in the first quarter of 2014. That adds up to about 93,000 records stolen every hour. It’s also an increase of 233 percent from 2013.

This begs the question: Does your IT staff have the wherewithal to stay safe and secure on the Web today? Just look at what happened to Target following its recent data breach where hackers gained access to the sensitive information of about 70 million customers. The company was able to survive, but it might very well take years for it to recover. The majority of small businesses simply do not have the resources needed to rebound from a comprehensive security disaster.

The unfortunate fact is that you can’t prevent an attack on the Web today. But you can keep an eye on your network and mitigate the severity when one occurs. A network’s servers and devices need to be monitored and maintained so that threats and intruders can be detected and reported back in real time. You need to be aware of issues in order to fix them.

Apex Technology Services, a managed IT services provider in Norwalk, CT, offers ‘round the clock network monitoring, reporting and support as well as essential security updates and workstation solutions. With its advanced suite of remote management tools, Apex will guarantee that your network will be in safe hands, 24/7.

How secure is your network? Click here to learn more about how Apex can provide your network with the protection it needs. 

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