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June 03, 2014

Study Shows 61 Percent of IT Leaders Are Choosing Managed Service Providers

Many IT decision makers are in agreement: It’s worth their while to put the oversight and management of their computing infrastructure in the hands of managed service providers.

According to a recent report, 61 percent of companies are planning to acquire such services over the next two years. In doing so, they are able to free up resources to devote to other mission-critical aspects of their business while resting comfortably with the knowledge that their computing infrastructure—the backbone of their business—is in capable hands.

While a majority of companies are choosing managed services for some aspects of their computing infrastructure, many are still hesitant to outsource their entire IT network to managed service providers, according to the report. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed who will pay for managed services will retain full control over their data centers while relying on managed service providers for support, with the remaining one-quarter adopting a hybrid approach with internal and external staff patrolling their data centers.

Still, the numbers indicate that businesses across all verticals are turning toward managed services in some form because of the benefits they provide. Managed service providers are experts in all things IT, meaning that whatever functions decision makers want to outsource can be handled by such organizations—like email hosting, data backup, network monitoring and more.

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