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June 30, 2014

Study Shows Executives Are Taking Cloud Computing Risks Seriously

Right now an increasing number of businesses are adopting cloud technology for the purposes of streamlining efficiencies and saving money. But is the cloud entirely safe? As companies continue to rely on the cloud and trust it to harbor sensitive information, the number of security risks appear to be growing.

In response to these growing risks, executives are taking necessary precautions. In fact, a recent study from Netskope shows that 69 percent of executives surveyed claimed their organization is proactive about assessing data that is too sensitive to be stored in a cloud environment. Sixty-three percent of executives claim their organization is vigilant about auditing and assessing their cloud-based services. And 62 percent said the cloud services they use are thoroughly checked for security before deployment.

Like the executives in this survey show, best practices call for checking the type of data you will be storing as well as the infrastructure you will be using it on before you choose to deploy your information into the cloud. And the best way to do this is with a hosted cloud service that can offer you expert guidance as well as access to fully-optimized network infrastructure. 

Apex managed IT services in Norwalk, CT is a leading technology consulting company that can offer your organization a variety of cloud options such as data backup, hosted email, disaster recovery, video conferencing, VoIP, website hosting and groupware. For more information about how APEX can help you stay ahead of the curve in regard to the cloud, click here

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