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July 21, 2014

Study Shows Virtualization Market will Continue to Grow

Virtualization has become one of the hottest new trends in IT. In fact, a new study from Reportstack shows the global virtualization services market will continue to expand at a rate of 10.35 percent until 2018.

So, what’s causing this increased reliance on virtualization? IT managers are realizing the cost-saving benefits of condensing servers, operating systems and storage devices and putting them into the cloud.

By virtualizing network equipment, IT departments can get more use out of existing hardware. It allows them to grow their data centers without having to increase the amount of physical devices on their network.

There are also green benefits, as virtualization can reduce a data center’s carbon footprint by using less servers and racks. IT managers can also provision servers faster, since deployment can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. This is ideal for remote users, and it makes scaling and taking on more end users a breeze.

But there are also risks involved for companies that choose to virtualize network hardware.  Problems can range from virtual issues such as “rogue” virtual machines which occur when IT departments lose control over who is creating virtual servers to physical problems related to equipment performance.

What’s more, condensing servers can make server temperature soar, which can lead to overheating or fires if left unsupervised. And when applications that are typically separated on a physical server are placed too close together in a virtual environment, security violations can easily occur.

Before you virtualize your system, make sure you partner with a hosted provider that can give your company the insight and guidance it needs to stay safe. Click here for more information about how Apex managed IT services in Norwalk, CT can help. 

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