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August 04, 2014

Three Signs a Managed Services Provider is Right for You

Before you outsource your data management to a private cloud provider, you need to think about how much IT support you are looking for.

You can choose to partner with a managed services provider that will offer a wide array of in-depth management services or an unmanaged provider that will simply provide you with access to network infrastructure, leaving you in charge of its operation.  

Here are three signs that a managed IT services provider is right for you:

  • You are looking for hands-on support: Partnering with a managed IT services provider means your business will gain access to a team of trained network engineers that will be in charge of monitoring your network and overseeing its basic functionality at all times. Invest in a managed services provider if you are looking for constant upkeep as well as in-depth reports related to power consumption and network capacity.
  • You need access to instant alerts: Businesses that operate in a mission-critical environment and can’t afford any downtime need to be notified immediately when something goes wrong. But even more importantly, they need the ability to react and take action when something requires immediate attention. A managed services provider will give you a team of engineers that are ready to tackle any network problem that needs immediate fixing.
  • You want expert guidance: A managed services provider will be able to give you expert guidance along every step of the way, which will help with short and long term planning. Before you deploy an application onto a server, in other words, you can consult with a team of on-site professionals and understand exactly how it will affect your network and gain valuable insight if there is a better way of handling the process.

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