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October 14, 2014

So, You Think Your Network Is Safe from Hackers? Think Again

Your company has become almost completely reliant on the Web for the majority of its critical business operations. It uses the Web to process customer transactions, store sensitive information and engage in both internal and external communication. For the most part, information flows in and out of your network without a hitch.

But here is a wakeup call: Your company’s digital information is not as safe as it appears online. As Time Magazine’s lead technology writer Lev Grossman explained in a recent article, the quicker you realize the turbulent underbelly of the Internet, the better. 

“The Internet is a war zone,” said Grossman. “Even as it gets outwardly ever glossier and more social and eager to please, below that surface the ‘Net is becoming a hostile, contested territory where private companies, law enforcement, criminals, the military and various international intelligence agencies are engaged in constant low-level cyberwarfare.”

As Grossman went on to explain, the conflict only occasionally becomes visible to the naked eye. But the threat of getting hacked is always present. In fact, according to the IBM security division, in 2013 the average American company was hit with about 16,856 cyberattacks.

So, what can you do to stay out of trouble online? You need to abandon the mindset of hoping that your business will not get hacked and instead take a proactive approach to network monitoring. This way, your business will be prepared to handle any cyberattack that comes its way. Your software needs to be scanned for vulnerabilities and patched. And you need the ability to look deep into your network and identify security loopholes. 

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