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October 20, 2014

Avoid the Pitfalls of Virtualization with Managed IT Services

You are considering virtualizing your data center’s servers to reduce operational expenses and cut down on floor space. But virtualization is a complex process, and if done incorrectly, it could do more harm than good in your facility.   

Here are some of the biggest pitfalls of virtualization that you need to be aware of:  

Overheating: Since virtualization involves combining multiple servers into one piece of hardware, it could lead to rapid and unexpected increases in temperature. If left unmonitored, dense servers could overheat, which could result in fire or hardware failure. It is therefore recommended that you use a robust environmental monitoring solution throughout the virtualization process in order to keep an eye on cabinet temperatures, which can be expensive.

Underperforming machines: Virtual machines need to run as reliably as physical machines in order to be of any use. However, it is often difficult to predict how virtual machines will operate during times of peak user activity when heavy amounts of data are flowing across the network. Even testing a virtual machine in an isolated environment prior to deploying it can provide an inaccurate view as to how it will perform on a busy network.

Network management trouble: Since most data centers migrate slowly to virtualized machines, there is often a big disconnect from the existing legacy management software and the new virtual technology. This can produce inaccurate readings during machine inventory, as well as incorrect alerts and performance readings. Without the proper software, it is very difficult to gain an accurate view as to how your system is operating.

Virtualization is easy, however, with the right technology and expertise. Click here to learn how Apex managed IT services in Norwalk, CT can help your business achieve its virtualization goals. 

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