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December 05, 2014

Are You Planning on Upgrading to Windows 10?

Did your business avoid the Windows 8 nightmare?

To be fair, “nightmare” might be too strong a word. But ever since Microsoft released the operating system in October 2012, there’s been no shortage of complaints about how difficult Windows 8 is to use.

That’s because, generally speaking, the operating system is completely different than any of the iterations of Windows that came before it. Built with an eye toward haptic technology, the cloud and mobile, the operating system almost doesn’t resemble Windows at all—at least in the classical sense.

Offering nothing more than a brief tutorial for user deployment of the new operating system, Microsoft basically stranded its many customers who had problems getting used to the system. And if there’s one thing that’s particularly damaging to businesses, it’s when they invest in technology that their employees have lots of trouble using.

Because of the controversy surrounding Windows 8—which was not unlike that surrounding Windows Vista—many businesses decided to hold out and delay upgrades to their computing infrastructure. And now it appears that their wait won’t have been in vain, as Windows 8 never really caught on.

There’s good news: Microsoft is set to release Windows 10 sometime next year. If initial reports are any indication, the operating system is much more user-friendly than its predecessor.

It’s the perfect storm for Microsoft: According to reports, there are as many as 600 million aging PCs that could stand to be replaced by new machines when the operating system comes out. While businesses could afford to ignore Windows 8 and remain competitive, few organizations can keep relying on legacy technology and continue being successful—particularly since computing power doubles every two years.

Is your business considering giving your computing infrastructure an overhaul next year when Windows 10 is released? If that kind of project sounds like a huge undertaking, don’t sweat it: It doesn’t have to be.

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