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January 12, 2015

What Stamford's Traffic Czar Has to Do With Your Computer Network

Chances are if you’ve driven extensively around Stamford or in the surrounding area, you’ve been stuck in some pretty awful traffic from time to time. Try navigating Broad Street after 5 p.m. Good luck.

But good news may be coming. Stamford city officials recently announced their plans to onboard a new traffic czar. That person, according to news reports, would serve as Stamford’s go-to manager for all things related to transportation, parking and traffic in the city.

If the hiring goes as planned, residents may very well notice that some of the congestion around town clears up and it’s easier to get from exit 8 on 95 to the Stamford Town Center.

By deciding to hire an official to solely focus on transportation, Stamford officials hope that they will be able to reduce congestion problems and facilitate the flow of traffic.

So what does this have to do with your IT systems?

In a similar vein, by choosing to outsource the management of your IT infrastructure to the capable hands of a managed service provider, you’re taking the right steps to make sure that traffic can flow freely across your network.

When networks don’t work as well as they should, they can become congested, making it much more difficult for your employees to complete their jobs. Not only will your workers get frustrated at having to deal with technology that’s not working properly, they won’t be able to be as productive as they’ll have to wait for traffic to dip before completing tasks.

So just like Stamford’s decision to hire a traffic czar, you might want to consider whether hiring someone to be your company’s digital traffic czar, so to speak, makes sense for your business.

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