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June 26, 2015

Are You Curious About What Cyber Attackers Are Up To?

Here at Apex Technology Services, we’re always on the lookout for important information to pass along to our readers—especially when it comes to the topic of cybersecurity, one of the hottest issues in technology today.

This week, we wanted to share an article recently featured in TechZone360 which highlights a new report from cybersecurity experts Vectra Networks. As the article explains, Vectra recently released a major study which sheds light on leading techniques hackers are now using to infiltrate networks, as well as new trends in malware behavior.

Here’s a key finding from the report:  According to Vectra’s research, command and control, reconnaissance, lateral movements and exfiltrations are some of the most common types of cyberattacks that are occurring today. Lateral movements appear to be the most popular with a 34 percent detection rate. Command and control attacks came in second on the list, at 32 percent. It was followed by botnet activity, at 18 percent.

What’s the most important takeaway from the study? Highly-targeted attacks are on the rise, and they’re getting increasingly difficult to prevent.

Click here to access the article and learn more about some of the threats that are lurking online today.

Then, be sure to head back to Apex Technology services to learn more about how its managed services can protect your business from intrusion. 


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