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September 18, 2015

Outsourcing: A Great Answer To Rising IT Salaries

You’re stuck between a rock and hard place with your current IT team. On one hand, your business relies heavily on its internal IT staff to keep its network up and running, and secure.

This IT staff is certainly not cheap to support, though.  

According to a recent survey from IEEE-USA, U.S. IT salaries increased by about 4.25 percent last year. This represents the largest spike in IT salaries since 2008. Now, median income for technology professionals is hovering around $130,000 per year. This includes income gleaned from commissions, salary, self-employment and bonuses.

It’s difficult to see these figures plummeting any time soon, as IT departments are being tasked with an ever-increasing amount of responsibilities. Enterprises are leaning on their IT departments more than ever, for instance, as they move forward full speed ahead with next-generation technologies and IoT deployments. At the same time, increasing security concerns are also causing the price tag for top IT talent to remain at a premium level.

Still, despite the need for a strong IT presence in your organization, it’s difficult to justify paying full price for a team of technology professionals when you could just as easily outsource your department to a managed services provider (MSP). In doing so, you’ll spare yourself the burden of having to negotiate contracts, pay employee’s expensive benefits and manage personnel. An MSP will take care of all of these responsibilities for you, while also providing you with around-the-clock network support and constant guidance along every step of the way.

You’ll be able to spend more time on important tasks related to growing your business instead of having to spend countless hours dealing with backend IT labor concerns.

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