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November 20, 2015

Avoid The Pitfalls of DIY Network Troubleshooting

Imagine you receive emails from several different team members complaining about poor quality VoIP calls in your organization. Conversations, they explain, sound distorted and delayed.

Now, it's up to you and your IT staff to dig into your network, locate the root cause of the issue and fix it in a timely manner so that your business can regain normal, high quality communications.

All we can say is good luck with this.

Networks, after all, are extremely complex entities, with thousands of different factors to consider when troubleshooting errors. Errors may exist within servers, switches, routers, cables or anywhere in between. It’s not always clear where you should look for answers.

Making matters more complicated, most organizations lack the appropriate technologies for quickly identifying and eradicating problems. Or, they could be using the wrong tools altogether. With so many options to choose from—like the command line interface (CLI), packet analyzer and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)—it’s easy to select the wrong tool and waste hours of precious time.

With this in mind, the easier and safer bet to ensuring a strong network is to put your network in the hands of a managed services provider (MSP) like Apex Technology Services which will use its troubleshooting expertise to ensure that your system runs optimally. A vigilant MSP will take a proactive approach towards network maintenance by identifying risks before they lead to problems which can impact your network performance. And it will free you and your staff to focus on higher-level responsibilities. 

Click here to learn more about how your network can benefit from the protection of an MSP.

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