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December 02, 2015

The T in Boston is Bracing for Winter. Your Business Should too

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority - otherwise known as the T - is spending more than $83 million to rapidly winterize their very old transit system. As another winter hits the northeast, how will companies in Mass, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey prepare themselves? At the very least, companies need to ensure they have a disaster recovery plan which allows them to function in the event of catastrophic weather events.

Other items to consider when preparing for rough weather include a VPN which allows connections to the office when workers can't get there as well as an automated, cloud-based back up system with a local appliance which allows your company to get up and running quickly in case of data corruption and/or loss. The local appliance speeds the restoration of large amounts of data - allowing workers to get up and running again quite quickly.

Once your IT systems are running properly, you will have a far less stressful holiday, allowing you to focus on the important things in life like family and friends... Not to mention generating more profit, which is why you're in busines in the first place.

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