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February 05, 2016

Strapped for Network Resources? An MSP Like Apex Technology Services Can Help

Your IT department has a big problem: It’s strapped for resources. Right now, it lacks the budgetary allowance to hire skilled workers and critical new infrastructure.

This problem is compounded by the growing cybersecurity risks you face every day. For one thing, your network keeps falling behind with updates and maintenance, leaving the door open for hackers to enter and gain access to your sensitive data.

And you’re not alone; the problem is ubiquitous in businesses today. A recent study from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) shows that 25 percent of companies are failing to score even a 1 (the second-lowest point) on a six-point scale of maturity, or security capability. A score of 0 indicates a rating of “incomplete,” or highly vulnerable, while a rating of 6 indicates full optimization.

"When we talk to CISOs [chief information security officers] and do surveys, the lack of skilled resources is the No. 1 issue they are facing," explained senior product marketing manager of services for HPE Security Kerry Matre. "The organizations that are doing well are finding a workaround for this issue.”

One such workaround that your business can utilize is to outsource its network management needs to a managed security provider (MSP), which can provide essential network monitoring, triage and maintenance services for a small fraction of the cost of conducting these functions in-house. When partnering with a first-class MSP like Apex Technology Services—Fairfield County’s premier computer consulting firm—you’ll gain access to a staff of network experts, 24-hour service and the latest infrastructure on the market. And you won’t have to pay for additional worker salaries or expensive upgrades.  

So don’t get dismayed by your lack of departmental funds. Click here to contact Apex today and get the critical support that your network needs to stay strong and healthy. 

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