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March 01, 2016

You Have A Lot Of Things To Worry About...Take Cybersecurity Off Of Your List

As an executive in a fast-paced New York City-based firm, your job is pretty stressful to say the least. Most days, you face more tribulations before 10 a.m. than the average business leader will face in an entire week.

You have a bottom line to maintain, demanding clients to keep satisfied and countless employees to look after. The list of stressors goes on and on.

Adding to this list, there’s a new issue that’s increasing your daily Aspirin intake: your cybersecurity strategy (or lack thereof). Your IT team is doing everything it can to keep unauthorized intruders out of the network. The department is overwhelmed trying to combat hackers and malware, and now it’s asking you for help.

Rest assured, you’re not alone in worrying about your cyberdefense strategy. A recent study, for instance,  shows that 82 percent of company boards are now concerned about cybersecurity. And 74 percent of company boards are bracing for an attack in 2016.

Here’s what you should do to address this situation:

You should outsource your IT support to a managed service provider (MSP) like New York-based Apex Technology Services. In doing so, your business will receive wealth of critical cybersecurity solutions. You’ll receive around the clock cybersecurity guidance and support, access to premium and well-maintained infrastructure and the constant protection of real-time monitoring and threat detection technologies.

Apex Technology Services can spare you and your colleagues the burden of cybersecurity management, leaving you to focus on what really matters which is growing your business is the crowded and competitive  New York City market. 

Don’t let your insecure network get in the way of this goal. Pick up the phone and contact Apex today.


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