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May 23, 2016

Almost 80% of Companies Will Suffer a Serious Data Breach in the Near Future

One of the most fascinating aspects of human nature is overconfidence. Especially in the face of logic and reason.

You only need to read the report titled Third Party Advisory Group 2016 IT Survey Report, based on a survey of 200 IT and security C-Level executives, directors and managers at enterprise-level companies, done by the enterprise access solutions provider Soha Systems. Specifically, the survey and its results come from the newly formed Soha Third-Party Advisory Group. It consists of security and IT experts from Aberdeen Group; Akamai; Assurant, Inc.; BrightPoint Security; CKure Consulting; Hunt Business Intelligence, PwC; and Symantec.

Perhaps the most important part of the report is the 79% of respondents who said they expect a major data breach at their competitor in the near future!

Such a large number means the stat has become common knowledge.

Yet, people surveyed think they are less likely to be hacked than the competition.

Let’s say there are five competitors and each of the companies thinks they won’t be successfully attacked in the near future. In each case, there are four other companies who think they will be.

In other words, common wisdom tells us almost 80% of companies will be breached in the near future – regardless of how confident you are in your systems and procedures.

For more on this survey and the scary results check out this article on 3rd party secure access and the The Top 11 Cybersecurity Issues For Business.

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