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August 30, 2017

Another Reason To Hire an MSP

In a recent article, we showed you three ways a managed services provider (MSP) can help  improve your IT department. MSPs can streamline software and hardware patching, license management and mobile access — saving your team time and money, and improving security and compliance across the entire organization.

These are just a few of the many reasons to work with an MSP. Here is another:

An MSP can reduce the likelihood of experiencing an inside data breach.

According to a recent study, inside data breaches now account for about 75 percent of security incidents. This is because internal threats typically have easy access key storage systems, applications and other important touch points. An internal threat can be anyone on your team who has easy access to systems or information.

Of course, not all inside data breaches are malicious in nature. The study indicates up to 84 percent of reported cyberattacks were due to human error like using easy passwords, failing to properly apply patches or leaving physical devices in unsafe locations. But this finding doesn't make inside data breaches any less dangerous, or costly. 

Why is working with an MSP safer? An MSP will offer a level of protection that in-house IT workers cannot match. Oftentimes, inside data breaches are caused by employees with much to gain and little to lose. Up to a quarter of employees surveyed, for instance, claimed they would sell company data — risking losing their jobs and criminal convictions — for less than $8,000. 

An MSP will offer a professional, SLA-backed approach to network and data management. MSPs live and die by their reputations, and so they take security very seriously. As such, they come with far less risk while also providing direct access trained and certified experts equipped with the latest tools and cybersecurity knowledge.

As the above-mentioned study shows, 52 percent of security breach victims now work with external consultants or other forms of outside help. 

You don't have to wait for a security incident to consult with an MSP, though. It's much better to be proactive. To learn more about how Apex Technology Services can protect your network and your digital assets, click here

A new breed of hacktrepeneurs has awoken and they have little to fear and everything to gain by infecting as many companies as possible and extorting money from them. Apex Technology Services stands ready to protect your company regardless of whether it’s located in New York CityWhite Plains, New York; Connecticut; Australia; Europe; or anywhere else. Our full suite of cybersecurity and IT support services is at your disposal, enabling you to spend less time worrying about and more time growing your business.

To ensure your security, consider one of our most popular services — Auditing & Documentationwhich pinpoints vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, process flow and internal security procedures.

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