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January 04, 2019

New Scam Hits Small Business in Connecticut

If you are a small business in Connecticut, on top of the online and phone scams you have to be wary of – not to mention ransomware and phishing attacks… Now you have to also be concerned about a new scam targeting small businesses.

Specifically, Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are receiving a form requiring payment of a “$110 annual report fee” relative to a “2018 – Annual Report Instruction Form (Connecticut LLCs)” from “Workplace Compliance Services, 1022 Boulevard #243, West Hartford, CT 06110.” The form apparently is being received in the regular U.S. postal service in hard copy.

This is a scam and no payments should be made to Workplace Compliance Services.

The matter is on the radar of both the Secretary of the State (SOTS) and the Attorney General. The hard-copy form Workplace Compliance Services sends to LLCs looks deceivingly like a real state tax form, so it is easy to understand how people could be fooled by it.

Please be careful when receiving unsolicited correspondence via phone, email, SMS and now mail.

Truth be told – mail was one of the original places to see scams. Decades back a company made millions sending snow plowing invoices to companies who just paid them without checking. They finally got caught when they sent an invoice to a state that didn’t receive snow.

Looks like what’s old is new again.

Have a safe and happy new year and please be careful.

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